New Age Alien Deception

Jefferson Scott

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UFOs and the Christian Worldview

Most Christians don’t think about UFOs.

Except for catching the occasional episode of X-Files or maybe watching the latest Independence Day wannabe, the topic of extraterrestrial life simply never comes up. If a Christian ever does think about alien intelligence, he usually believes it’s all a bunch of hooey, nothing more than a product of the lunatic fringe. “Addicts take their drugs and, poof, they see flying saucers—right next to flying skillets, flying Volkswagens, and flying walruses.”

This is what I thought, too, before I started this study.

I have to admit to a certain fascination with the subject. I’ve always loved science fiction, so the idea of extraterrestrial civilizations has been with me for decades. I watched every quasi-documentary on the subject I could. I became acquainted with subjects like alien abductions, cattle mutilations, crop circles, crashed or captured alien vessels, government studies, alien autopsies, the supposed hybridization program, and men in black.

The video footage in some of these documentaries was astonishing. Even allowing for a high percentage of forgeries, there were some amazing examples that could not be explained. After watching a particularly convincing UFO special on The Learning Channel, I decided it was time to take a serious look at the subject.

You have to understand something about me: I’m a researcher. I love learning. I’m also a seminary graduate. I hold the Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. So when I decide to research a subject like this, I plunge into it with both flippers—all with the purpose of integrating it into the Christian worldview.

Before I read a single UFO book, I wanted to settle some things in my mind. What would happen if there came undeniable, absolutely certain evidence of extraterrestrial life? Would my faith be able to handle it, or was my Christianity too brittle to accept it? In other words, would I be obliged, by my own inability to face this new data, into denying it completely? Would I be in the same group as those who say the earth is flat?

I asked myself if I believed God could create intelligent life on other planets if He wanted to. I asked myself what it would mean to my faith, if anything, if that were the case. I asked myself whether other intelligent species, if there were any, would have to come to faith in Jesus Christ or if God would have supplied them another way.

I asked myself whether the pillar of cloud and the pillar fire in the Bible were really UFOs, whether Elijah’s chariot of fire were really a flying saucer, and if Paul’s trip into the third heaven were really an abduction experience.

I asked the hardest questions, too. What if God were merely a superintelligent alien? What if we are just his simulation on some cosmic supercomputer? What if mankind is not the unique creature, the pinnacle of God’s creation, that the Bible teaches we are?

I came to some faith conclusions, the chief of which was that I decided outright that I was going to come out on the other side of this study with the same God I came into it with. I wasn’t interested in dropping Jesus or making Him into a spaceman. I knew that my God was the holder of the universe, so anything that made its way across that universe would have to be under the umbrella of His sovereignty. With that settled, I opened the UFO literature.

For the record, I do believe God could create intelligent life on other planets, but I don’t believe He’s done so. If there were any intelligent extraterrestrial species, it wouldn’t impact Christianity’s validity in the slightest. Our belief system would not come crashing down like a house of cards. Our mission field would expand, but Christianity itself would never be replaced as the answer.

I believe all alien species, should there be any, would have to come to Jesus Christ to be saved. It’s just an extension of what we already believe: that an obscure carpenter from a poor family in an insignificant region of a backwater outpost of the Roman empire holds the key to eternal life. How much more difficult is it to extend that to say that the One who holds the key to eternity is from a no-name planet circling a forgotten star on the edge of an unimportant galaxy?

I don’t believe the Bible depicts UFOs in any way, shape, or form. There is no reason to believe the angels and miracles in Scripture are anything but what they claim to be: supernatural agents and works of God. As this paper will argue, I do think UFOs have something to do with angels, but not the angels that inhabit heaven.

I don’t believe God is just a super-alien who created us on his PC for a school project. God is eternal, holy, and unchanging. I believe in the God of the Bible, the God who made man His crowning creation.

All right, enough introduction. I’ll sum up my position in one sentence: I believe the UFO phenomenon is 100% demonic. I believe it is a real phenomenon, not just the ravings of crack addicts and lonesome country hicks. I believe UFOs are real, aliens are real, abductions and animal mutilations are real, and that governments (especially the American government) maintain relations with these beings. But I believe the whole thing is demonic.

The “aliens” message can be convincing, though. As I studied it, I felt its pull. Even with my MDiv and all my years of living the Christian life, I could still feel the tug of doubt, like someone pulling hairs on my arm. What if? The scary thing is that if it could be that troubling to me, how would it sound to someone with little or no Christian mooring? Indeed, I believe this is the Great Deception that is going to come upon man. It will be so compelling, so reasonable, so consistent with modern sensibilities, that people will ascribe to it by the billions. Even the very Elect will be deceived, if it were possible.

So I offer this document in defiance of that deception. My aim is to inform those Christians who desire to integrate the UFO phenomenon into the Christian worldview of what I’ve discovered in my investigation. If I’m wrong, no biggie. If I’m right, you will have been given the truth in time, God willing, for it to make a difference.

It is worth noting at the outset that many Christian leaders and groups consider aliens to be demonic: Hank Hanegraaff (Christian Research Institute’s “Bible Answer Man”), cult watchdogs Watchman Fellowship, and authors Chuck Missler, Dale Sumbreru, William R. Goetz, and Dr. Mark Eastman among them.

I also find it interesting that several non-Christian sources have concluded that UFOs are demonic. A former Chief of British Defense Staff, Admiral of the Fleet Lord Hill-Norton, says some UFO encounters are “definitely antithetical to orthodox Christian belief.” Gordon Creighton, a Buddhist and editor of Flying Saucer Review, has said, “I do believe that the great bulk of these phenomena are what is called satanic.”

Such explanations are uniformly denounced by the greater UFO community as too nice and easy. The article in which Hill-Norton and Creighton are quoted (which can be found in the News Archives section of the web site, received a firestorm of opposition from secular readers. The primary criticism of the aliens-are-demons theory is that it is, to some, too nice and neat. The very essence of UFOs, they say, is that they are unexplained—by which they mean unexplainable. But what if an explanation could be found? Should it be rejected a priori?

I myself set out on this study intending to disprove “the demon theory” as naiève. I remember sending e-mail to a former professor, informing him I was embarking on this investigation. I told him I wanted to study it seriously and not accept the simple answer I had heard: that aliens were nothing but demons in disguise. The things we say…

I read dozens of secular books on UFOs. I read Christian books on the subject. I watched programs and read articles. I scoured the Internet. I exchanged ideas with UFO researchers around the world. As I studied, I found certain arguments ringing true, making more sense than others, explaining more of the phenomena. That is the purpose of investigation, is it not?

After I had surveyed the evidence and heard the arguments, I had to reconsider my views. I could no longer assert that “the demon theory” was irrational. After all, wouldn’t it be just as closed-minded to reject the demon theory out of hand as it would be to accept it without investigation? And what if, for once, the most obvious answer—nice and neat though it be—were actually the truth? It is my hope that after you read the arguments below, you will be willing to reconsider your views, too.

Note: In this document I sometimes express amusement over the claims of these “aliens” or their disciples. Sometimes I say I “like” or “love” this or that. It doesn’t mean that I truly approve of these ridiculous assertions, but simply that I am entertained by their bald-faced audacity. I think God laughs at them, too.

List of Arguments
Argument #1: Walk-the-walk Christians are never abducted

Argument #2: Calling on the name of Jesus stops abductions in progress

Argument #3: The link between UFO activity and the occult

Argument #4: The psychological nature of alien encounters

Argument #5: The religious nature of the aliens’ message

Argument #6: The fiendish character of alien and UFO behavior

Argument #7: The interdimensional nature of UFOs and aliens

Argument #8: The focus, in abductions, on extracting terror

Other arguments and observations

The Alien Message

Conclusion: What Can You Do?

Argument #1


There are at least two groups of people in every church: talk-the-talk Christians and walk-the-walk Christians. In some regions of America, notably the Bible belt, the average church will have 85% talk-the-talk Christians and 15% walk-the-walk Christians. They’re not easy to differentiate by casual observation, but time and adversity will always separate the sheep from the goats.

Aliens, however, seem to have no trouble identifying walk-the-walk Christians. This demographic, this segment of the population, seems to be the only one immune to UFO activity. A walk-the-walk Christian will rarely, if ever, even spot a UFO, much less undergo abduction attempts. (See the excellent discussion of this here.) Some abductees claim to be Christian, such as Betty Andreasson, but their tales usually reveal their identity as talk-the-talkers only.

Now, if you were a UFO researcher and you discovered that one segment of the population was immune to UFO activity, wouldn’t you be interested? Wouldn’t you be looking hard at that group, wondering what it was about them that made them different? And if you found that thing, wouldn’t you consider adopting it for yourself? Yet there is this strange reluctance on the part of non-Christian UFO researchers to even consider Christianity as the answer to this problem, and an even stranger rejection of it—even though it represents the answer they’re supposedly seeking.

It is a documented fact that UFO activity is most rampant in countries with little or no Christian influence. Brazil, Russia, China, Mexico, Jamaica, the Philippines, and other spots on the Christian frontier seem to be UFO favorites. There seems to be a connection between Christianity’s influence on a nation—or an individual —and UFO activity.

The fact that UFOs have been sighted with growing regularity in America may testify to Christianity’s weakening influence here.

There is a passage in the Bible that seems related: Revelation 9:1–11 speaks of demonic creatures that swarm over the earth to torment mankind. It is interesting that the beings are limited (v4) to “those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads.” In other words, only walk-the-walk Christians were to be exempted from their tortures. And that is, indeed, what seems to be happening with UFO activity.

In my mind, this argument is, by itself, convincing. If there is only one people group on the earth that is immune to alien abductions, that means there is something going on with that group. Whatever conclusions you draw, it seems to me that one of them must be that aliens don’t like walk-the-walk Christians. The Bible makes it clear (1 John 4:4, Luke 10:17, Romans 8:38) that true Christians have nothing to fear from demons—or aliens, for that matter.

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Argument #2


There have been only three methods proven effective in thwarting abduction attempts: righteous anger, strength of spirit, and calling on the name of Jesus in faith. The first two have been known to stop isolated abduction attempts, but cannot end the aliens’ abduction efforts entirely. In these cases, the aliens simply appear in a new form, trying a new tactic.

Only by calling on the name of Jesus Christ in faith can abduction attempts be halted altogether. CE-4 (at: tells the story of a new Christian who found himself being the object of an abduction attempt.

He was lying in bed, kept wide awake by the barking dogs, when paralysis set in. He was unable to cry out. He could see nothing but a whitish gray, like a mist or fog, although he sensed someone or something was in his room. His wife didn’t awaken. The next thing he knew, he was being levitated above his bed. He then had the sensation he was being suspended by what felt like a pole inserted into his rectum. By this time he was alive with terror, but he couldn’t scream.


“I thought I was having a satanic experience, that the devil had gotten a hold of me and had shoved a pole up my rectum and was holding me up in the air. So helpless, I couldn’t do anything. I said, ‘Jesus, Jesus, help me!’ or ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!’ When I did, there was a feeling or a sound or something that my words had hurt whatever it was holding me up in the air on this pole. And I felt like it was withdrawn and I fell. I hit the bed, because it was like I was thrown back in bed. My wife woke up and asked me why I was jumping on the bed.”

CE-4 has since uncovered thousands of similar experiences. Abductions can be permanently halted by one thing and one thing only: the name of Jesus. Now why would the name of a primitive holy man (which is what the aliens claim Jesus was) have any power whatsoever over super-advanced beings from other planets?

It should be pointed out that the name of Jesus alone, apart from faith on the part of the person calling on it, will not prevent abductions. There is a wonderful story in the New Testament (Acts 19:13–17) about some Jewish exorcists who tried to deliver a demon-possessed man by calling on the name of Jesus—but without embracing faith in Jesus for themselves. The demon-possessed man beat them up and sent them running.

This is another conclusive argument, it seems to me, in and of itself. The only thing that seems to have power against these malicious abductors is faith in the name of Jesus. A cursory look at the New Testament will reveal the same phenomenon. Wherever Jesus went, demons were banished. Today, in whatever heart Jesus lives, demons are absent. (Again, the CE-4 discussion of this is most revealing.) Later I discuss the similarities between alien abduction stories and demonic possession.

Like demons in the New Testament, aliens in the 21st century fear the name of Jesus.

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Argument #3


Just as there is a link between walk-the-walk Christians and the absence of UFO activity, so there is a link between those who experiment in the occult and the presence of UFO activity. Even the secular UFO literature comments that UFO abductees “tend to be unchurched” and often admit to occult practices.

What does it mean that those who explore the occult often have UFO experiences? Are these people more open-minded—or simply more open (to demonic attack)? There is a link between paranormal studies (such as satanism) and UFOs.

Michael Mannion, in his book, Project: Mindshift, says that people who report UFO contact—even only close encounters of the first kind (UFO sightings)—immediately begin to experience poltergeist-like activity and out of body experiences. UFO sighting = poltergeist/demonic activity.

Victims of satanic ritual abuse, child abuse, and split personalities are all prime candidates for UFO contact—as are the children of those who practice the occult. One distressed parent was told by an alien that “The children belong to us.” This is an especially disturbing fact. Innocent children of adults who engage in occult practices are essentially handed over to the demonic as playthings. Their right of choosing was taken from them by their parents.

The Apostle Paul wrote about the effect of having a walk-the-walk Christian in the family. First Corinthians 7:14 says, “The unbelieving husband has been sanctified through his wife, and the unbelieving wife has been sanctified through her believing husband. Otherwise your children would be unclean, but as it is, they are holy.”

In other words, the children of a believing parent are in some way shielded, under an umbrella of God’s protection. But what happens in households with no walk-the-walk Christian parents? “The children belong to us.” And that’s just in a spiritually neutral family (if there can be such a thing); imagine what might happen to the children of parents who dabble in the occult?

Pity these innocent children. Pray for these innocent children. Take down the devil’s strongholds concerning these children. This is spiritual warfare, folks, and children are always the casualties of war. The parents may have deeded them to the enemy, but Jesus Christ paid the ransom to set them free.

Here’s an interesting sidenote. Jesus twice encountered parents of demon-possessed children (Matthew 15:22–28, Mark 9:14–29). In both cases, He seemed especially agitated and almost rude to the parents. Could it be that He was angry that their idol worship had caused their own children to be handed over to demonic attack? In both cases, He presses the parents to make statements of radical faith in Him. Could that be because there must be a believing parent in the house to prevent the demons from returning (cf. Luke 11:24–26)?

New Age channelers often claim to speak for extraterrestrials. These hyper-advanced beings are supposedly able to make contact to earth through these human conduits. Now, I for one have always believed that channeling, if it is true at all, is purely demonic. What is it but some form of possession by a disembodied spirit? If these channeled entities say they are aliens from other worlds, then isn’t that a direct link between the demonic and the extraterrestrial realms? It’s amusing to me that the message these channeled aliens bring matches so well the message given to UFO contactees.

Perhaps it is more than convenience that has led your local bookstore to shelve all its UFO books alongside books on witchcraft, channeling, past lives, out of body experiences, and ghosts. Perhaps they are all variations of the same demonic power.

What does it mean that there is such a direct connection between UFOs and the occult? Why would there be a link between high-tech astronauts and spells cast beneath a full moon? What’s behind this correlation? Allow me to reflexively adopt The Church Lady’s voice for a moment: “Could it be… Satan?” Well, honey, maybe this time you’re finally right.

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Argument #4


There is something dreamlike about UFO sightings, alien encounters, and abduction attempts. Something not-quite-physical. Almost as if the whole thing is going on inside the observer’s head.

Have you ever had a mote floating around in your eye? As you watch that thing scoot around against a bright blue sky, don’t you almost think—just for a millisecond—that you’re seeing something far away, some wildly maneuverable craft skipping across the sky? When all the time it was much, much closer than you thought.

UFOs perform amazing, physics-defying maneuvers—making right angle turns or 180° switchbacks, materializing and dematerializing, changing colors and shape, merging and splitting. One possible explanation of how they do these is that they don’t do them at all.

What if these “craft” are really mental images overlayed onto real backgrounds? Like special effects in the movies, in which human characters are interacting with computer-inserted creatures, explosions—or even weather maps. The things interacted with aren’t really there, but they appear present to the viewer, and the illusion is convincing. You can’t believe anything you see anymore.

I’m not saying all UFO appearances are merely mental illusions, projections of some sort, but I believe many are. And I believe all of them have some psychological/illusory component. Some UFOs are captured on film, video, or radar. Some are witnessed by hundreds of people at once. And some leave fairly convincing physical evidence of their presence. So there may be some physical manifestation aspect to in these things, too. But have you ever noticed how blurry and indistinct eyewitness photos and videos are? Almost if the craft are not wholly there?

If UFOs are real, where is the solid evidence? If they’re crashing everywhere, surely some hillbilly’s got a Venutian dashboard in his cellar. Why doesn’t he bring it out? Where are the clear photos—that don’t turn out to be forgeries? Contactees talk about artifacts—magic books, golden disks, etc.—given to them by their space pals. But the specimens always have this curious impermanence. Almost like they’re not really all there, or something.

UFOs and abducting aliens often project images into the minds of targeted or abducted humans. These images are often of an erotic nature. But my question is this: If “aliens” can project erotic images into someone’s mind, why is it such a stretch to think they’re also projecting images of UFOs?

One characteristic of alien contact stories that is almost uniform is that the UFO or alien speaks to the contactee telepathically. Now, it may be that all the species of aliens that are allegedly visiting Earth have the same telepathic abilities (which seems doubtful)—or it may be that it’s not just the communication but the entire encounter that’s playing out in the contactee’s head.

Contactees regularly report a “connection” between themselves and the UFO. A person sees a UFO and can will it to come closer. As soon as the person sees it, it seems to see the person. Someone notices a UFO hanging over the neighborhood, but nobody else does. It’s almost as if it’s there for that person alone. His or her own exclusive close encounter. Pilots feel they are in a private game of tag with UFOs. One person sees a UFO and, by force of will, can cause it to “appear” for others.

Abductions also contain psychological elements. The “aliens” play with abductees’ minds, promising one thing then delivering another, or claiming to have imperative messages for mankind, then delivering nonsensical gibberish or absurd instructions. Abductees often feel psychologically manipulated and abused.

Another fishy aspect of abductions is the appearance of the inside of UFOs. They always appear different in size or shape from what could be possible, given the size of the UFO as seen from the outside. Just another evidence of the surreal, dreamlike quality of sightings.

I also like how the inside of these craft always appear in whatever form would seem high-tech to the abductee. The visitor to a UFO in the 1950s saw banks upon banks of magnetic tape drives. Modern abductees see flatscreens, projected 3D images, and lasers. Isn’t it amazing that aliens from all quadrants of the universe are advancing in their technology at exactly the same rate as Earthlings?

I think it’s amusing how UFOs and aliens always seem to appear in exactly the forms people expect them to. The “grays” and flying saucers are icons to us now. Funny that “aliens” always look “just like the ones on TV.” It’s almost as if these creatures can tap into that part of the brain that stores the bugaboo costumes and don the garb themselves. In other words, perhaps they look like what people expect them to look because they’re conjured up from inside the mind of the viewer.

One more thing. I said UFO encounters seem like dreams. What if they are? Very often the abductee is taken from his bed while his family sleeps. I have personally encountered UFOs and aliens in my dreams. Each time, I knew instantly that these were demonic. Thankfully, the Spirit of God within me prompted me to take decisive action. I found myself resisting the “aliens” in the name of Jesus—and they fled. Abductees often report UFO-related dreams in which they accept the invitation offered by the aliens. Soon after, they experience “real” contact or abductions.

I’m not saying these encounters aren’t real. I’m not even saying they are completely psychological. But I am suggesting there may be a significant hallucinatory component to these events. I believe the mind is a large part of (if not 90% of) the playing field for “close encounters.”
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Argument 5


If extraterrestrials crossed time and space to visit our insignificant blue planet, and if they bothered to initiate contact with the inhabitants at all, instead than just obliterating us or studying us from hiding, what might we expect them to tell us?

The only reason I could see for peaceful ETs to initiate contact would be to give us some dire message. Maybe it’s: “Our homeworld is dying and in need of X from Earth,” or “Your planet is dying and in need of X from us,” or “Bad guys are coming and you need to do X,” or “Your sun is about to explode so you’d better do X,” or “We’re turning this planet into an intergalactic highway, so you’d better X.”

Indeed, that is what aliens have told contactees. “You’re in danger of destroying your planet because of X” (nuclear testing or environmental disregard are the usual suspects) or “Your planet is going to be destroyed by X” (a rogue planet entering your system, or the so-called Galactic Federation).

But if these ETs were really our buddies from beyond, wouldn’t we expect them to help us with our problems? “You need to get off your planet before X happens, so here’s the plans (or better, the keys) to a big spaceship and here’s the map to a home we’ve scouted out for you.” Or “You’re in danger of destroying yourselves by killing your planet—so here’s how to rebuild the ozone layer and here’s free energy to eliminate fossil fuel pollution.” Or “You’re going to destroy each other, so we’ve deactivated all your weapons, given you the cure to cancer, and built you some outposts on other worlds.”

In other words, if there really were some impending danger, as they say there is, wouldn’t they offer to help us? It’s all well and good to tell someone his house is on fire, but if you stand by and let it burn, how friendly are you, really?

But instead of practical, scientific, or medical assistance, what do these space buddies give us? Eastern theology. Here’s a sampling. (For a fuller dose of the “alien” message, click here.)

“Gaia [Mother Earth] is not happy with you. She is going to go into great travail soon as she purges herself of the toxins you have poured out upon her.”

“You will find that all your religions are false, based on a controlling, cold-hearted, patriarchal movement, when in actuality it is the mother goddess who is behind all things.”

“Sin is an archaic concept developed by the patriarchal religious systems to place man in bondage and guilt.”

The aliens seem especially hostile to Christianity, except when it’s seen as just another path to the divine. When it’s held out as the only true way, it is bitterly opposed. Sounds more like our world’s philosophy than another world’s.

The aliens are especially careful to trivialize Jesus Christ. He was just an alien, they say. Or he was a hybrid offspring between a human woman and an alien. Or he was one of their agents, right alongside Buddha, Muhammad, and Confucius. “And why do you need him anyway,” they wonder, “when we can do everything he could?”

Funny, but it reminds me of a Scripture. “Many will come in my name, saying ‘I am He.’ Do not believe them.”

It amuses me when the aliens—either in “person” or through their wealthy channelers—defend the devil, whom they like to refer to as Lucifer, as just a misunderstood extraterrestrial. It’s all a big misunderstanding, they say. Lucifer’s a great guy. He’s right here, I can introduce you to him if you’d like.

What do you call someone who minimizes Jesus and maximizes Satan?

Author Chuck Missler, in his book, Alien Encounters, poses the riddle this way: “Why would all these hordes of E.T.s cross time and space simply to teach New Age philosophy, deny Christianity, and support the occult?”

Good question, Chuck.

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Argument #6


There’s just something devilish about so many UFO and alien contact stories. You’ve got the UFOs playing tag with aircraft—like cute little imps. You’;ve got babies stolen from their cribs—just like medieval goblins used to do. You’ve got trickster aliens who even the military admits “have a tendency to lie.” You’ve got sexual alien encounters like the succubus/incubus stories from the Middle Ages. And you’ve got the sadistic, one might even say fiendish, aliens with their sadistic exploratory surgeries.

I admit this is not a conclusive argument in and of itself. But I do think it’s supporting evidence that these beings, whatever they are, fit the description of what we would call demons. Even the “aliens” themselves admit that people in ages past used to call them devils, goblins, trolls, and demons. My, weren’t people delightfully primitive back then? But couldn’t it be that people called them demons back then not because of their provinciality, but because that’s what these beings really were (and are)?

Take the free will barrier to abductions, for example. In the typical abduction case, the person sees the UFO and understands (usually through a telepathic message) that the UFO occupants are beckoning to him. He has to grant permission, assent, or obedience before the abduction can begin.

Now, why in the world would aliens need to ask permission? If they look upon us as animals, why not tranquilize us, tag us, do their research, and let us go? Why ask permission? And if they see us as equals, or as children (as they claim), why do so many abductees feel tricked, humiliated, abused, and terrorized by their “space parents”? And why would they ask permission of all they were only going to do was terrorize their subjects?

Could it be that God has granted His children a gift that even the powers of hell cannot readily defeat? Could it be that free will, which many believe is “the image of God” spoken of in Genesis, poses a barrier to demonic forces?

I also get tickled by the contrived nature of so many UFO sightings. Jim Bob’s driving home in his pickup on dirt road 121 and he sees strange lights in the sky. He’s mighty curious, but he loses sight of them. Then he turns a corner and, boom, there’s a bonafide UFO, sitting right there on the road—with an alien with his head under the hood. Hmm, who’s hunting for whom? I don’t know, but to me that just sounds like the work of someone with a fiendish sense of humor.

Why does UFO activity pick up at night? Are aliens late sleepers? One possible explanation would be that these are creatures of the night who love the cover of darkness because their deeds are dark. Just seems a tad dishonest and underhanded for such fine, upstanding ETs.

Then you’ve got all those perverse abduction stories. I won’t go into them here, but believe me, they’re depraved. And what about those animal mutilations? Somebody’s doing some pretty sick stuff out there. Someone with some evil appetites.

Some of the lies told abductees are straight out of hell. Many are told that they agreed to being abused and experimented on and humiliated “in a pre-life agreement.” They are told that they agreed to all this before, they just don’t remember. Hello, anybody but me think this smells like a rat (or should I say a Serpent)?

Abductees often suffer various ailments that defy diagnosis, and many die young. Such was the fate of many demoniacs in the New Testament and antiquity. What a coincidence.

What would it be like to be in the presence of a demon? It is interesting to note that many contactees, when they first see an “alien,” feel revulsion and intense hostility. Those Christians who have seen UFOs or aliens (often in dreams) know exactly what they’re looking at: demons. There is an inner instinct to flee from (or cast out) these cosmic cuddlies. Fear and loathing in America.

John 10:1 rings true here: “He who does not enter by the door into the fold of the sheep, but climbs up some other way, he is a thief and a robber.” It carries the idea of trickery and deceit. John 10:2 says, “But he who enters by the door is a shepherd of the sheep.” Jesus came in broad daylight, “aliens” prefer cover of night. Maybe they are creatures of the night.

Here’s the kicker. I was at my local Barnes & Noble and I saw a book called Hostage to the Devil, on modern demonic possession and exorcism. I was reading one poor guy’s story and I happened on the page on which he described what his “familiar”demon looked like. Guess who it was? None other than our friendly “gray” alien. He didn’t call it that, of course, but the pertinent features were all there: short stature, gray skin, gangly legs and arms, oversized head with too-large black eyes.

Maybe one man’s alien is another man’s demon.

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Argument #7


Quantum physicists theorize that there are at least ten dimensions—several beyond the few we know of. It has been suggested by some UFO researchers (so-called ufologists) that UFOs and aliens may be from another dimension, rather than another planet in our own dimension.

Gene Roddenberry, creator of the Star Trek series and UFO enthusiast, sought to demonstrate aliens as interdimensional beings. The beings inhabiting the wormhole in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine are the result.

If aliens and UFOs were interdimensional, it would seem to solve some of the oldest problems in explaining them. They can appear and disappear at will because they’re just jumping between our dimension and their own. Their craft can defy physics because they’re not wholly in our dimension. They can change shape in mid-flight because they’re not fully corporeal. It would also solve the problem of how these tiny craft and seemingly frail aliens could cross the vast reaches of the cosmos—they’re not, they’re just blipping to our universe as easily as hitting the “recall” button on your TV remote. Some of the most promising secular research in ufology is coming from the interdimensional theory.

But let’s think about that. What are demons but interdimensional beings? They’re not wholly of this universe. They originate from and live in a higher dimension, one above ours, in a realm we would call spiritual. Secular researchers like to talk about metaphysical, interdimensional beings. But what exactly is the difference between a metaphysical being and a spiritual being? And if we conclude that aliens are truly spiritual beings, why is it such a stretch to say they’re demons? Especially when the “aliens” themselves agree that many people identify them as demons.

Let me take a moment to speak on why I don’t think aliens are angels. Some people wish to resolve the UFO dilemma by saying that aliens are angels, that Moses received the ten commandments from a UFO (no wonder his hair turned white—radiation exposure, of course), and Elijah was whisked away in an angelically piloted UFO.

I don’t believe aliens are angels for one main reason: aliens call attention to themselves. Angels never do. They always immediately point people to the God of heaven. Aliens, on the other hand, never refer to God or Jesus—except to minimize Him or claim to be Him, of course. Aliens seem to love attention, and if you grovel a bit at their, um, cloven hooves, they wouldn’t stop you. If we say that aliens are spiritual beings, we cannot say they are angels. If we rule out angels, the list of remaining alternatives is pretty short.

“Whatever the aliens are, they are a lot weirder and sneakier than we thought,” says Mannion in Project: Mindshift. “Maybe the aliens don’t come from anywhere we would call another planet or star. Maybe they come from much more exotic places than that.”

Here’s a strange mini-theory I’ll throw in for free. One speculation about what crop circles are is that they relate to music—specifically that they are symbols relating to the diatonic scale. Someone decided to test this theory. He went to a recent crop circle and played music on the diatonic scale. Suddenly, as if summoned, a UFO appeared above the crop circle.

Hold on, I’m not half through. One famous crop circle in England was identified as the precise depiction of a glyph in the Kabala (Jewish mysticism)—the glyph that supposedly activates the portal between this dimension and the next. It is, according to the Kabala, “the symbol that activates the process through which the ‘divine’ becomes manifest.”

What if crop circles are portals between the spiritual realm and the physical realm? What if music somehow triggers these portals? (I’m reminded of so many biblical accounts of spiritual intrusions into our realm—good and bad&mdasah;that are accompanied by the blast of a trumpet.)

Revelation seems to depict a time in which the barrier between the spiritual and physical dimensions is no more. Demons, beasts, and even the devil himself are said to walk the earth alongside humans. Could it be that this is what we are seeing now with UFOs?

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Argument #8


I have really wrestled with the issue of alien abductions. Sister issues such as animal mutilations and the alleged hybridization program, in which aliens are supposedly abducting humans to create a race of alien/human offspring, have contributed to the confusion. I’ve come up with over 25 possible explanations for the purpose of these activities—everything from “They’re trying to save their dying race” to “They’re rebellious teenage extraterrestrials preying on humans just because they can.”

But in the end, everything kept coming back to terror—the abject horror these abductions exact from abductees.

True, alien surgeons may need to stick six-inch-long needles into abductees’ eyes for research purposes—but it seems more dramatic than scientific. They may really need to shove tiny implants high into abductees’ noses and ears, rupturing membranes—or it may simply be torture.

While other aspects of UFO technology seem to advance with man’s advances, the “medical” practices of abducting aliens seem stuck in the Nazi operating rooms of Josef Mengele. If these aliens are so advanced, why is their medical technology so primitive? And if this is all about genetic research, why do they need to be so invasive when even laymen know that if you want genetic material, all you need is a cheek swab?

Why do abductees report other nightmarish phenomena: preborn “grays” gestating in vats of blood and body parts; depraved sexual encounters (including bestiality); supposed impregnation and fetal harvesting; piercing, cutting, and burning; and threatened or simulated genital mutilation?

In all ways imaginable—through every orifice, in every area of free will—abductees are invaded. (I am again struck by how similar this is to demonic aggression as recorded in Hostage to the Devil.) Abductees are lied to, abused, humiliated, ridiculed, tortured, and threatened by cute, little E.T. And the abuse seems tailor-made to the abductee. It is almost as if these “aliens” can tap into a person’s subconscious and pick out the images and actions that would achieve the maximum terror.

It’s a nightmare.

Remote viewers are individuals who use a form of astral projection to “see” the world. I do not believe this practice is in any way justifiable from a Christian standpoint. However, in my research I read one remote viewer’s account that has stuck with me. He was viewing an alien abduction in process and he observed how the aliens seemed to thrive on the terror exacted from the victims. “The disembodied visitors [watching the abduction like audience members] feed on fear. It’s like food to them.”

It occurred to me that Jesus said He had food which the disciples knew nothing about (John 4:32). Invisible sustenance that came to Him when He did the will of His Father. What if demons—I mean aliens—require spiritual food, too? And what if their food is doing the will of their father? Lying, destroying, stealing—and terrorizing.

I do not believe there is any such thing as a hybridization program. Nor do I believe aliens are doing research on humans—to upgrade us or them, to save anyone, or to study anything. I’ll even go so far as to say I don’t believe animal mutilations have any nutritional or scientific purpose for the aliens, as some say.

I believe the whole thing is about terror. I believe “aliens” exalt themselves as gods over their victims, exacting suffering, humiliation, hate—and especially fear—because they revel in it. It is sustenance, even a delicacy, to them. Animals may be mutilated simply because they can provide “edible panic” almost as well as humans can.

What kind of extraterrestrial astronaut would cause this kind of suffering in a lesser species? And don’t give the reason that they just don’t know they’re frightening or harming humans. Baloney. How could these beings who can communicate so intimately and subtly with a targeted human suddenly lose all sense of what’s happening in that same person’s mind after he’s in the spaceship?

I think they’re very aware of—one might almost say intoxicated with—the horror in the victims’ minds.

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The following comments are garnered from my study. They don’t really fit under any of my previous headings, so I’ve just included them here in a loose grab-bag of secondary evidence. None of them is conclusive by itself. Taken with the arguments above, however, I feel they put a very nice icing on the cake.

  • There is a commonality to encounter stories that strikes me as odd. If there were thousands of extraterrestrial species visiting earth, as some claim, we would expect some variety. But contact stories seem to follow the same formula. Almost as if the “many” alien species contacting us were just one.
  • The uneven technology of the aliens. They can build spaceships that traverse the universe and defy modern physics—but their medical technology is barely on a par with humans—if not a little behind. If they’ve given us integrated circuitry, lasers, and modern genetics (as some claim), why do they seem so clumsy and dumb in their “experiments”?
  • If demons wanted to deceive modern man, they couldn’t appear as red-skinned, pointy-tailed, horned devils with pitchforks. What better way to appeal to 21st century man than as high-tech beings in touch with their spiritual selves?
  • Even the secular books admit the recent malevolent shift in abduction stories. The kindly space brothers offering enlightenment have been replaced by aggressive kidnappers who ambush people, lie to them, torture them, rape them, terrorize them, brainwash them, then dump them out.
  • Aliens appear in the form of various animals or insects: reptiles, birds, preying mantises, etc. Funny how so many ancient gods/idols were in these forms. Have these beings, whatever they are, really changed so much since ancient times? By the way, the Apostle Paul called all gods and idols demons. So, if aliens are these same beings that were worshipped as gods in ancient times…
  • These aliens are capable of great wonders, such as levitation, paralysis, telepathy, unusual knowledge, healing and wounding, lights in the sky, multilinguality. They could easily pass themselves off as gods. Many deceiving miracles.
  • Contactees sometimes behave in bizarre, demonic ways: dancing around the room, crying helplessly, laughing uncontrollably.
  • The absence of any reference, on the part of the aliens, to any master or lord. If these are beings from another planet, then surely they have some authority hierarchy. Just like demons in the NT, aliens admit to no one over them. We get vague references to the Galactic Federation, but this is portrayed as a great brotherhood, not any kind of hierarchical system.
  • Animal mutilations have a ritualistic character to them. When a shaman performs fertility rites, for instance, it often calls for animal genetalia. And then there’s the link to witchcraft, whose spells often require eye of newt and the like.
  • There seems to be a connection between UFO activity and seismic, volcanic, and geologic activity. UFOs are said to be “caused” by earthquakes, giving rise to the idea that they are some kind of light refractions caused by the tectonic strain. Another explanation would be that the abyss is being opened and demons are leaking out.
  • Do motors really lose power when UFOs are near? Do tape decks really slow down? Or is it all a perception caused by “aliens” tinkering around inside the person’s head?
  • One remote viewer said there is a war going on from long ago between two factions of the same group. One faction wants to exploit the earth and live here. The other wants to protect the earth for us. The first side wants to live here, supposedly “to survive.” Another source said the aliens viewed the earth and perhaps some or all of those living on it as “a great prize.” Sounds like a war in heaven to me.
  • The next thing on the aliens’ cosmic daytimer is a great cataclysm, followed by a radical shift in human/alien interaction. The cataclysm may be environmental, it may be a faux war between alien species, or it may be the result of a rogue planet passing through our solar system. The point is, something big is supposedly coming, and it’s going to initiate a new era on the earth. Funny, that’s what Revelation says, too.
  • We seem to be besieged by an allied onslaught of evil: paganism, witchcraft, New Age, aliens, channelers, spirit guides, ascended masters. The power of darkness is swelling—just as there was an outbreak of demonic activity on the eve of Jesus’ ministry. Hmm.

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These “aliens” have a very curious message for mankind. Behind the New Age rhetoric and Eastern mysticism, beyond the denials of Christ and aggression against Christians, and beneath the radical feminism and belief in the innate goodness of man, perhaps you can detect—as I do—the silky voice of that ancient dragon.

“You are polluting your world.” Environmentalism is a frequent theme in these messages. “Not only are you destroying your own world, but space itself. The Galactic Federation”—an oft-mentioned group of superevolved beings—”is about ready to destroy you. If you want to survive, you must do as we say.”

What they say, however, is usually two parts lame environmentalism, two parts New Age humanism (“we will help you realize your godhood”), and one part absurdity (“bring back two chicken heads tomorrow”).

Sometimes the aliens talk about two or more groups of aliens locked in battle. The bad guys (sometimes called Luciferians) and the good guys—whoever happens to be speaking. “Do what we say and we’ll save you.”

A common element in messages to abductees is that they have been specially chosen for some epic task. Usually they are told they have been selected to be ambassadors to earth. When the time comes, they are told, they will play a large part in the New Order.

I like how these chosen ones feel as if they are an alien “elect.” They have been chosen out of the world for a special task. They are not ordinary citizens of Earth anymore, but ambassadors with a high calling. Anti-Christians. Appropriate if they serve the Anti—oh, I won’t go there just yet.

The New Order is a very important part of the alien message. It is often spoken of as what will happen after The Change. The Change is the next big thing on the “aliens'” agenda. They always say that they are just about to make a big move, so be ready. They will soon reveal themselves openly and pursue massive integration with humans. There are various explanations for why they are going to do all this, but it is invariably described as a good thing for Earthlings—the crucial event in our evolution to the next order of being (usually described as near-divinity).

The thing that stands in the way of the New Order is a group of “backwards thinking, patriarchal, archaic, oppressive conservatives”—otherwise known as walk-the-walk Christians. These people, the aliens say, are the “dark forces” that hinder mankind’s evolutionary shift. They must be opposed, voted down, and if necessary overthrown.

To this end, the aliens have proposed a solution. At the appointed time, the motherships will lock onto all these agents of oppression and lift them out into space via tractor beams. They will then be taken to another planet for “reeducation.” “Do not be sad for them,” the aliens’ disciples are told, “for they are going to a better place. And do not be alarmed that they have gone and you have not, because now we can really get some things done.”

I personally think this is this most ingenious deception I’ve ever heard. Do you realize what they’ve done? They’ve pre-denied the Rapture! When God raptures the Church, those “left behind” will believe the space pals did it. They’re pre-deceived! If you can’t prevent your enemy from doing something, try to spin it so it ends up helping your cause. I think it’s brilliant.

A commonplace element of the aliens’ message is that Jesus Christ was not the unique Son of God. They always ascribe some distinctiveness to Him, but it’s usually like this: “Jesus was an extraterrestrial, an ascended master, just like us. In fact, I was Jesus in another life. My brother over there was Muhammad.”

The New Age Jesus is a lot different from the Jesus of the New Testament. He’s much broader and tolerant. He says’as one remote viewer apparently heard Jesus say when he spoke to Him (yuk yuk)—that there are many paths to God. (Excuse me? John 14:6.)

The Jesus preached by the aliens (which is, coincidentally, indistinguishable from the Jesus of the New Agers) “came to teach love and nonviolence.” Oh, really? Nonviolence, you say? The Lion of Judah who cleansed the Temple with a whip and said He came to bring a sword to families? Maybe you have Him confused with Gandhi. He never advocated violence, of course (“If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword”), but one could hardly characterize nonviolence as one of His primary teachings. But the outer space Jesus has to be emasculated.

Again, why should extraterrestrials be so interested in—obsessed with, one might say—Jesus? If Jesus were only a man, and if these beings truly came from outer space, they would spend no more time talking about him than they would about Douglas Hinkle. (Yes, I made him up.) Maybe they know He was more than a mere man.

“You are all part of God,” the aliens say. “You’ve only forgotten. Follow us into our little UFO and we’ll remind you”—and impale you on a spit while we’re at it.

Here’s one of my favorites. The aliens claim they created mankind. They genetically bred us as an offshoot of the ape. And they’ve been coming back over the millennia to make “genetic corrections.” There have been sixty-five of these corrections and there will likely be sixty-five more. That’s why they have to abduct people—to upgrade them genetically. (Oh, thanks for the explanation. I was wondering about that.)

One story has it that humans are just containers. The Heaven’s Gate people said we were “plants.” The spirits of aliens inhabit these container-plants from time to time. That explains Jesus, Buddha, and the rest of the gang. Religion, they say, was created by them to provide rules of nonviolence so that the containers wouldn’t be destroyed. (Guess they blew the nonviolence part with Islam, huh?)

(And isn’t it interesting that major non-Christian religions or cults have been originated by a spiritual visitor, claming to be from God, giving a man “new truth”? Both Islam and Mormonism began this way.)

Ooh, here’s one straight from the Pit. I’ve referred to it earlier, but it’s just too juicy not to repeat. “Abductees are not taken against their will,” aliens say. “You see, in a pre-life agreement, they freely deeded to us the right to do with them as we will. They are ours. It’s all legal and binding. They’ve just forgotten.”

The tragedy is that abductees buy this garbage. Like Jewish victims of Nazi experimentation, they can even come to defend and identify with their torturers. It has to be a way of staying sane when faced with an unthinkable horror that has no foreseeable end.

When The Change comes, things will be great. “We will create harmony, eliminate crime, restore Mother Earth’s ecological balance, and banish disease and poverty. We will set up an evolved form of world government and instruct you in the true religion of the cosmos. You will be inducted into the Galactic Federation and become one with the universe.” (Hey, who could vote against that? Sounds like Gene Roddenberry’s concept of the future, doesn’t it?)

“Gaia,” the mother goddess, also known as Earth or Mother Nature, “is not happy with her children. The turmoil you see around you is Gaia ridding herself of the toxins in her system. She is going to go into great travail soon. But in the end, when the dark forces have been purged, all will be well.”

Phew, that’s a relief. For a minute there I thought the God of the Bible was pouring out bowls of wrath on mankind. Boy, am I glad to learn He’s a She, and things will turn out right for everybody in the end.

“You will find that all your religions are false, based on a controlling, cold-hearted, patriarchal movement, when in actuality it is the mother goddess who is behind all things.” (Gee, why is it that New Age religions are so popular with feminists, I wonder?)

“Sin is an archaic concept developed by the patriarchal religious systems to place man in bondage and guilt.” (I’m glad to find out sin doesn’t exist. Too bad Jesus went to the cross before He figured that one out. Think I’m gonna go party.)

I love this one: “Lucifer is not evil at all. He is misunderstood. He is an extraterrestrial, like us, but of wondrous power. He comes to give us the final gift of wholeness.” (This is a direct quote, I kid you not.)

In my opinion, these “aliens” have revealed their demonic origins just by opening their mouths. It’s like the old joke about drug addicts: How do you know an alien is lying? His lips are moving. (Oops, guess they don’t move their lips if they communicate telepathically. Just have to listen to what they communicate, I suppose.)

Don’t know about you, but I think I’m getting an earful from the father of lies.

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So how does it sit with you now? Are you convinced? Have I made a compelling case? In my arguments I’m not saying that UFO phenomena are not real—indeed, I believe they’re very real. Nor am I saying they are purely spiritual in nature. There seem to be signs that there is a physical component involved in many of these encounters. It may be that these being can manifest themselves physically for a time or that they can give some kind of temporary reality to objects or forms. Revelation predicts a time when demonic beasts step upon the earth’s stage and the whole world sees them, so there will be some corporeal aspect to them.

What I am trying to do is outline what I believe is the only hypothesis that adequately explicates the major mysteries of the UFO phenomenon.

And if I’m right, then the End Times will have an unexpectedly extraterrestrial flavor to them. Perhaps the Antichrist will be an alien—or an alien/human hybrid. It would make sense that the devil’s false Christ would also be sired by a spirit but borne by a human woman. There will also be the anti-resurrection (Revelation 13:3,12). There will be an anti-John the Baptist: the false prophet. There will be the anti-Elect: those “ambassadors” chosen by aliens during abductions. One wonders if there will even be anti-disciples: twelve men (more likely twelve radical feminists and militant homosexuals) who help the Antichrist do his damage.

We have been set up. The greatest deception this side of Eden is about to be foisted on mankind—actually, it’s already been deployed. Michael Mannion’s conclusion, in his book Project: Mindshift, is that we are perfectly prepared for a mass religious-like conversion to UFO faith. We are ready. Nothing is missing. All we’re waiting for is for the curtain to lift. All we need now, Mannion says, is a major, undeniable UFO sighting. Mankind is ready to embrace the space pals and plead with them to give us “the final gift of wholeness.”

What can Christians do about this? If you’re convinced UFO activity is demonic, what can you do? First, remember to be calm and sane about all this. If you go up to someone ranting about demons in spaceships, they’ll turn you off quicker than you can say “E.T. phone home.” So sound reasonable. Don’t let this become your soapbox. If you’re going to be an evangelist for anything, let it be for Jesus Christ, not UFO awareness.

Second, spread the word. If you are reading this, I believe it is because God has led you to it. Just as I believe God led me to this conclusion in the first place. If and when the great deception comes and the UFOs fill the skies and the alien leader shakes hands with the President, you will be able to see through to the truth. So, gently offer to give your opinion on this matter to other Christians when it seems appropriate. Always be willing to persuade another believer—but never be aggressive about it.

Third, pray. Pray for discernment. Pray for Jesus’ fast return (even knowing the Rapture will be misinterpreted). And pray for your own spiritual well-being. When this deception comes, I believe it will come hard. The first days, weeks, and months will be very hard for walk-the-walk Christians if Jesus tarries. Many will simply “disappear.” You will be persecuted beyond belief—because what will these “aliens” do but declare Christianity false, and not only false, but dangerous?

Thank you for considering this document. Feel free to link to it or otherwise refer people to it.