Answered Prayer

I’m 19 years old and on February 27th on this year I prayed to God about my depression and anxiety, I’ve never really prayed before but things were getting tougher and I didn’t know if I’ll ever be able to find the strength to do better in life with depression and anxiety. The main thing that makes me anxious was me having a stutter. I prayed to God asking if he could not get rid of my anxiety completely but at least get rid of my stutter just to ease my anxiety so I can live a little more and sort my life out.

About 10 minutes after I prayed I was walking home listening to my music and I heard “Yes my Son” In both my head and heart if that makes sense.

I must of looked like an idiot walking home because I was in shock I just kept saying to myself “did God just answer me?” could not fathom what just happened I was so shocked, I got home and I literally burst into tears of happiness and prayed to thank God that he heard me and answered, which I never thought would happen, crying tears of happiness while depressed.

Since that night, I haven’t stuttered once and I’m starting to be more social and enjoying life more. You may not believe me but it has truly helped me and I’m ready to keep my promise to God and sort my life out.