The Fall Of Bablylon

Isaiah 13:1-13

God’s plan for the world throughout all of history is the destruction of the united world system known in the bible as Babylon. God will punish the world for its evil.

The world can seem attractive with it’s sinful pleasures and pursuits of power. The world is not from the Father but of the world. The world will be judged. Whoever does the will of the Father will live forever.

Isaiah 13-14: Words of judgement against Babylon, who has become a major military and political power.

What does Babylon have to do with the world today? It’s more relevant than just a historic nation. It started with the Tower of Babel.

  • symbol of attractive earthly pleasures
  • foolish dependence on man
  • In sin, idolatry, in opposition to God
  • Babylon represents Human Glory
  • Worldly arrogance that defies God
  • Idolatrous adoration of pleasure and possessions
  • Picture of the modern world apart from God
  • We are surrounded by Babylon
  • sinful luxury and self sufficiency

Isaiah 13-14: God wants you to know the world system that goes against God fallen world promises pleasure and prosperity.

God will judge Babylon in the future. Enemies of God will be judged. Lord of : Hosts is summoning an army for the Day of the Lord. DAY OF THE LORD = IS NEAR TERROR.

Once mighty Babylon was fallen ruins untouched by years until archaeology came along. Babylon’s destruction means God will keep his Word.

Greed, nationalities, pride, nations that want to make a name for themselves are under God’s judgement.

Judgement: Gods supremacy is at war with our claim to supremacy.

We are born enemies of God.

How can we escape judgement of Babylon and join the people Zion?

The proud will be humbled, the arrogant sinners will tremble before the Lord of Glory. The shameless will be full of shame. The popular will be irrelevant. We are all sinners and must be punished!

Our only hope is to be clothed in the Righteousness of Jesus Christ!

Isaiah 14:1 – The Lord will have compassion!

There is a compassion that runs deeper than our shame. The people of God will reign with Christ. The people of God who are lowly and oppressed will one day be exalted, will share in the rule of Christ.

Stop running after Babylon.

When the Lord gives resat from pain and  turmoil… the Lord has promised he will give you rest and peace we are currently missing. We will celebrate the victory of God!

Death mocks our claim to be God!

End of Babylon! Worldliness and pride!

Babylon will fall.

People of God rejoice when all oppressors and evil doers receive the judgement of God!

We will not grieve for the lost on the day of judgement. We will sing praises to the Lord!

Revelation 18+19 describe the fall of Babylon, rejoicing in its fall. Zion will be our eternal refuse.