There is only one way

Some people think Christians are narrow-minded to think there is only one way to heaven. Some go as far as to consider these beliefs a hate crime. They somehow twist the truth of “being specific” with “being prejudiced.” If we have a disease and go to a doctor, and he or she explains that “there is only one known cure, and here is the pill for that cure. It will rid you of the disease,” we wouldn’t say to the doctor, “I’m offended! There must be more than one cure, and I am not going to accept this pill.” No, of course not! We would be grateful for the cure and gladly take the medicine. In the same way, all of humanity has a disease. It is called “sin” (Rom. 3:23; 5:8, 13–14, 17–19). There is only one antidote, and it is Jesus Christ (John 10:28; Acts 4:12).

Wiese, Bill. What Happens When I Die?: True Stories of the Afterlife and What They Tell Us About Eternity (pp. 17-18). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.