Isaiah 24 Sermon Notes

God will judge the world.

Near death experiences

Amazon river rises and falls 15 ft every 2 hours.

Walk there was ok. Walk back was filled with water.

Taking multiple trips to get people back. Each trip getting more and more deadly.

It was an agonizing 20 minutes.

There was a 16 year old girl who couldn’t make it, she was left w/ 1 rock to stand on. After someone saved her, they thought “What if she didn’t have that 1 rock to stand on?”

Only 1 rock is found to stand on for salvation, that rock is Jesus Christ.

Our hope, security, and salvation are based on nothing else but Jesus.

God’s judgement is cataclysmic!

Isaiah Chapter 24-27

Chapter 13 – Babylon Judgement

Chapter 14 – Assyrian Judgement

Chapter 16 – Damascus

Chapter 18 – Tyre is laid waste

Each world power is judged!

Chapter 24 – God will judge the world!

Isaiah 24-27 – His apocalypse

Words of warning for earth! Final judgement!

We must listen to the severity of what he is saying. He will empty the Earth!

Isiah 24:1 – God will destroy creation!

We can have hope and joy! God has love and compassion!

We deserve his wrath! We have broken his laws!

His judgement is real!

The tide of his judgement will rise again!

When it comes, people will look to a rock to stand on.

Some will stand on the world and fall.

God’s judgement empties the proud of hope

We try to say we don’t deserve it

God will make Earth desolate!

Human pride/self sufficiency will be wiped away first!

What is God judging?

  • Human Pride
  • Human Power (Economic and Military)

Defile/dishonor the honored of the Earth! The wasted city is broken down!


Do not trust in yourself, trust in the Lord!

The mythology of human pride. The pride will be brought low.

Work, sports, family, technology, physical health. We all look for strength in the wrong places! We need to find it in God!

God’s judgement undermines worldly security. The Earth staggers like a drunk.

Nations of the Earth are gathered together.
What are YOU standing on? Your own self-sufficiency? Or the Lord?

It will not be long before God’s judgement will leave us nowhere to turn but Jesus. To remove all false hope in jobs, health, money, etc.

We don’t need to wait till the final day until we realize everything except God will fail us.

Isaiah – Even as judgement is happening, there is praise of song towards God!

With the severity of judgement, there is hope! Hope is on the way!

Will make all things new! Joyful praise!

Isaiah 24:23 – Mt Zion – Cling to this rock!

The sun and the moon will be ashamed!