Evolution is a Farce

I went to a private high school and naively thought I wouldn’t have evolution in college. When I got there I was caught by surprise. I knew evolution wasn’t true but I didn’t have the confidence to defend myself and I faltered in my faith. This is a worn out topic, but just want to share my thoughts as I’ve had time to rebuild my beliefs.

Evolution states time and chance take molecules and turn them into man through random mutations in DNA and natural selection. Seen from 20,000 feet it states hydrogen left to itself long enough will turn into a human or that microbes turn into microbiologists.

The following are my simple, rational anchors:

1) Organic evolution: non-living matter spontaneously becomes living matter has never been observed or reproduced. This is the gaping hole of many holes n the theory. Miller-Urey and all spark experiments only produced non-living matter. Teaching evolution as a fact without demonstrable evidence is academically dishonest. Presuming something to have occurred without proof makes evolution a faith. The only other claim of non-living matter becoming living matter is in the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Both are a faith. Only One has been seen alive.

2) Fossils used for evidence are found in sedimentary rock, one such fossil was a fish giving birth showing rapid burial. Sediment covers the majority of the earth as if by a global flood. 95% of fossils are marine fossils, many of which are found on the tops of mountains. Ocean fossils….on tops of mountains. Fish ancestor fossils thought to be dead for “millions of years” have been found alive (coelacanth) backfiring by showing “millions of years” of precisely no change. Darwin himself stated for his theory to prove true millions of transition fossils would need to be found. As of today there are zero. The theory is not proved true by experiment or by fossil record.

3) Natural selection is better termed natural rejection. It is an eliminating process, not a creative process. Random mutations are not helpful. You do not need mutations, you need completely new additions of DNA. Furthermore, DNA is coded chemicals and functions like computer software. Every living thing runs on a DNA OS.

4) Scientists can not reproduce on purpose anything they say happened by accident. Matter itself is complex and particle physics is a growing field. Every blade of grass has an antenna and solar cell more efficient than anything man has designed.

5) Jesus claimed to be the Jewish God, their Creator in the flesh. Rising from the dead gives one serious clout. Jesus is God and His resurrection confirms the entire Word of God including creation and disproves all other fairy tales of men.

There are a host of other problems with the theory of course, not the least of which are its roots in Aristotle’s natural philosophy, but these few are enough for me allow for complete dismissal.

To be honest, the theory bothered me a lot. Not so much the theory as how it was taught. I was quite upset with the teacher which was due to a mixture of my ignorance and his arrogance and it took me a while to learn what I needed in order to let go. As a young student, I had no idea how absurd the academic setting was and it caught me off guard. I do still sometimes get angry when I hear an atheist ranting but have learned to pray for them instead and keep my peace.

I can only hope that someone is encouraged by this leg of my journey.

Love to all,