Overcoming the Sin of Pornography

When I became a new Christian baptized in June 2016, after Christ revealed himself to me in Oct 2015, I was at that point horribly addicted to porn. I used it to cope with my loneliness and depression, and shortly after I was baptized, I realized it began separating me from God. I tried to stop for a while but I just couldn’t do it in my own strength. Eventually, porn in the combination of thinking God was going to send my family and others to hell, separated me from God for a time. My own sin separated me from God. Then on Jan 1st, 2017 Christ appeared to me in a dream, and since then I have been back into the fold of Christianity. However, I still struggled for a few months. Finally, God gave me an ultimatum, to choose Him, or Porn. I choose Him. I still struggled for a bit, then I decided to get an accountability app and partner, Ever Accountable, put it on all my devices, and now I feel like I am finally freed from that sin! The accountability aspect gave me enough mental reasons to resist the urge, knowing that my sin would be instantly exposed to the light made me stop committing it. It has now been about 7-8 months since I last saw anything bad. I also was granted by Jesus a fiancé who hates pornography, giving me more incentive to avoid it. I’m just posting here to mention that it’s possible to overcome this sin by exposing it to the light! I pray you find this an encouragement to value God over pornography, get an accountability partner and expose this sin to the light! Never give up!