The kingdom of God is all about multiplication. Freely you receive, freely give. One seed dies and produces many seeds. Losing your life to really live. Today I just want to take a moment to encourage you in the light of eternity.

We get 100 years max to live by faith and leave a legacy. How we live today will be our story someday in eternity. We won’t get to walk by faith then, we won’t get to deny ourselves then, we won’t get to shine our light in the midst of darkness then. One million years from now what we do now will be all we have as a testimony.

God wants us to not only produce fruit that remains, but to produce much of it. I want to be so full of fruit that my branches hang to the ground, and people can come and pick my fruit anytime they need to. If someone needs encouragement, come and pick from my tree. If someone needs love, I have that available too. If someone needs patience, or kindness, or gentleness, it’s all fruit on my tree. All we have to do is abide. Don’t fall for the trap of comparison, you be the best you. There is nobody like you and nobody can offer exact what you do. You are unique, you aren’t just one of millions, you are one in a million. Christ in us, the hope of glory!