Why masturbation is a sin!

  1. I don’t believe people who say they can masturbate without lust in their heart, lust in the heart = adultery according to Jesus

  2. It’s a gateway to pornography, and pornography can be a gateway to physical adultery

  3. It’s selfish, you are releasing bonding chemicals to yourself. Sex is meant to be between male and female, not your hand and yourself.

  4. It shows a lack of self-control, and it may fall under sexual immorality. Christians aren’t even supposed to have a HINT of sexual immorality.

  5. According to Paul, it’s sinning against your own body. On 10/23/18, I did it b/c I could not sleep and wanted to (NO PORN INVOLVED!), and the next day I was feeling the spirit of depression really badly. After that, it went away and I was afraid I had symptoms mimicking mania. What happens legally in the spiritual realm when we sin is that we are doing Satan’s will and put under his dominion a bit depending on the severity of sin and through that he can harm us.