Unrepentance Can Lead You To Hell!

8/12/18 – 100% from God after I asked him to confirm 2028 and asked him something else? Maybe how to get into the Kingdom?

In my dream, I was placed in a hell like scenario. Then I said, “I repent! I repent!” and when I said this I would slowly rise to what I thought was heaven. Then I got to a strange place (neither heaven nor hell). It felt like an underground place on the Earth that was about to collapse and cause everyone to die. Dani wanted to leave me to become a preacher of her own, saying the church is not preaching the right thing for the end times? Dani wanted to be alone because she felt the church was not preaching the right message for the end times. She had judgement and un-forgiveness in her heart. I also saw Ant V, telling him we need to repent daily to make the Kingdom! I also almost followed a bad crowd. that was going to sell drugs, and almost went into a women’s swimming pool? Then, something happened and everyone died, and God showed me 2 numbers painted on wood (which I thought were 43 and 21).

and I feel like the whole scenario started over, and I saw Kelsie, and she asked, “Are we here forever?” As if we were doomed to repeat the same scenario over and over again in an almost purgatorial like state.

Then I woke up in pain from cramping in my right leg upper calf.

I feel like God is asking me to tell Dani, Kesley, Ant V, and me to repent! was confirming the importance of repentance to make the Kingdom! I believe God wanted me to share this message with Dani, Kelsey, Ant V., and Me.

I feel like God wants us to make repentance a daily or even continuous activity!

Numbers 43 and Numbers 21 (Numbers 36 ?) shown at the end? My age will be 43 in 2028 and 21 is 7 years before 2028., and scientists are saying there might be an asteroid hit in 2028-9ish. 2024-2025 – Begin worldwide persecution of Christians and Rise of the AC?

Luke 13:3