Dream on 10/27/18

This seemed to be another end of the world type of dream, and the times seemed a bit dark. In the dream I saw the Earth filled with giant clouds of volcanic ash coming in which ever direction people tried to go. I tried to read something to figure out the year but I couldn’t. My wife in the future (Dani) said to me that it happens when I am middle aged (45-65 yo) (End of the world and Christs return, or maybe nuclear annihilation in ww3, or yellowstone volcano eruption).

It started out by what felt like myself in darkness after in a dream where my parents were acting bad. Then I felt like something hooked me up to an IV in my left shoulder and thigh and asking if it was uncomfortable for me or not. Then God started talking to me, and I began to answer back. He gave me the chapter “Judges-Mudges” 19 (or 16, more likely 19) I think, maybe the rhyme was so I would remember it. Then I felt like I saw some end times visions of the future, with volcanic ash filling the sky from every direction while driving on the highway. Then I felt like I was in my house talking to my future wife, and I tried to get her to tell me the year, and she said it would happen when I was middle aged, and that I would receive a degree from Harvard. I also remember people trying to break into the house to attack my wife for racial reasons, and God and I would scare them away.

Mysteries of God

These are tough questions I’m not sure we have an answer to.

  1. How does God determine who gets elected?
  2. How do we have freewill if we are unable to come to Christ without being elected?


Dream on 10/20/18

In my dream I was targeted for removal from my job at work, the reason was because I stepped on the wrong toes with some woman and they targeted me by leaving a cookie out somewhere and seeing if I would eat it, and since I ate it they decided to remove me?

However, in the dream, I trusted in God, and it felt like God gave me freedom, even though I had some uncertainty. Then I felt like I was on a train somewhere.

Not sure if this was a pizza dream or prophetic.

Before and After Christ

Before Christ I was a depressed borderline suicidal person living a pointless life of working for myself. I was diagnosed as bipolar and hospitalized 3 times. I was also a porn addict, which, like most sin, yields short term pleasure and long term depression/death, and also gives you an unhealthy view of women and makes you a pervert.

After Christ, Christ started doing things in my life. The first thing he did was convict me of my porn addiction of 18+ years. While I tried to stop at first, I couldn’t do it in my own power. For a while I had no internet access and a dumb-phone and even them I was tempted to use public internet for it. Honestly that helped deal with that addiction tremendously. Then I discovered Ever Accountable and realized part of the reason I did it was lack of accountability and consequences. Then Christ hooked me up with a women who hated pornography and the 1 time I slipped up, when I was barely awake and was using accountability apps and didn’t realize I could use Amazon Echo for audio porn, I slipped up and listened to it, and that almost ruined my engagement. Having more serious consequences to sin actually helped me, and it also stopped me from masturbating b/c I was so scared that that would lead to Porn like it did that last time.

Christ found me a wife to live and be more effective at serving God with. Near the time of marriage, Christ had me figure out a way I could lift weights in the morning, I discovered leangains/IF which freed up my morning time for exercise. 20 days before the marriage I was hooked up with a CPAP which will give me good rest and allow wife to sleep with me as I can’t snore with it.

I’m also no longer depressed and most likely no longer bipolar, and I was either healed or falsely diagnosed when it was a spiritual attack on me.

Dream from first night on CPAP

There were apparently 2 different things happening in the dreams.

The first was I was trapped in a weird cult with a man that was obviously not Jesus saying he was Jesus and he got people in his cult then he hooked up devices to them that would make them act and behave like robots, doing things without no control over them or without knowing what they were doing. For instance, in the dream they performed the dance while having no clue how to do it.

The second was Dani left me for a childhood friend (Reece) and I became homeless, then when I was homeless people wanted to harm me.

The first dream might’ve been to imprint just how evil God would have been if he decided to make us act like robots, we would essentially be doing things against our will and trapped, not free to make choices.

Dream on 10/12/18

I had a weird end-times dream last night. There was a weird siren and the military had people gather together into different groups. The people in my group started preaching the gospel to each other until they realized they were all Christians, I think Destin might have been among the crowd. Then I watched the sky as the heaven’s began to pass away. It looked like there were some sort of violence in the heavens with different colors such as red and it felt like it was a curtain crumbling around us, then the sky was dark. It was absolutely dark. Then I felt like an “alien” invasion began with these creatures invading the earth. Then the dream ended.

At the end of the dream I wondered how Earth could still exist with the heaven’s passed away.