Before and After Christ

Before Christ I was a depressed borderline suicidal person living a pointless life of working for myself. I was diagnosed as bipolar and hospitalized 3 times. I was also a porn addict, which, like most sin, yields short term pleasure and long term depression/death, and also gives you an unhealthy view of women and makes you a pervert.

After Christ, Christ started doing things in my life. The first thing he did was convict me of my porn addiction of 18+ years. While I tried to stop at first, I couldn’t do it in my own power. For a while I had no internet access and a dumb-phone and even them I was tempted to use public internet for it. Honestly that helped deal with that addiction tremendously. Then I discovered Ever Accountable and realized part of the reason I did it was lack of accountability and consequences. Then Christ hooked me up with a women who hated pornography and the 1 time I slipped up, when I was barely awake and was using accountability apps and didn’t realize I could use Amazon Echo for audio porn, I slipped up and listened to it, and that almost ruined my engagement. Having more serious consequences to sin actually helped me, and it also stopped me from masturbating b/c I was so scared that that would lead to Porn like it did that last time.

Christ found me a wife to live and be more effective at serving God with. Near the time of marriage, Christ had me figure out a way I could lift weights in the morning, I discovered leangains/IF which freed up my morning time for exercise. 20 days before the marriage I was hooked up with a CPAP which will give me good rest and allow wife to sleep with me as I can’t snore with it.

I’m also no longer depressed and most likely no longer bipolar, and I was either healed or falsely diagnosed when it was a spiritual attack on me.