Dream on 10/27/18

This seemed to be another end of the world type of dream, and the times seemed a bit dark. In the dream I saw the Earth filled with giant clouds of volcanic ash coming in which ever direction people tried to go. I tried to read something to figure out the year but I couldn’t. My wife in the future (Dani) said to me that it happens when I am middle aged (45-65 yo) (End of the world and Christs return, or maybe nuclear annihilation in ww3, or yellowstone volcano eruption).

It started out by what felt like myself in darkness after in a dream where my parents were acting bad. Then I felt like something hooked me up to an IV in my left shoulder and thigh and asking if it was uncomfortable for me or not. Then God started talking to me, and I began to answer back. He gave me the chapter “Judges-Mudges” 19 (or 16, more likely 19) I think, maybe the rhyme was so I would remember it. Then I felt like I saw some end times visions of the future, with volcanic ash filling the sky from every direction while driving on the highway. Then I felt like I was in my house talking to my future wife, and I tried to get her to tell me the year, and she said it would happen when I was middle aged, and that I would receive a degree from Harvard. I also remember people trying to break into the house to attack my wife for racial reasons, and God and I would scare them away.