Family coming to Christ?

On my dream on 11/25/18, I dreamed that at first my brother was ignoring me again. However, this time it was because he had a brain injury from a biking accident at 5mph in the city. This made him super reliant on God and I saw that he was organizing scriptures like Dani, and when I asked him what version he read he was unsure. When I asked him what brought him to God he didn’t want to tell me.

A few days earlier I had a dream that my parents came to Christ, at an age or time I didn’t suspect it.

What happens to those who take the Mark of the beast?

It may be tempting to take the mark to be able to not be killed, put in prison, or starve to death from not being able to buy or sell goods. However, all who do so will guarantee their eternal damnation and suffer a worse fate alive on Earth than those who refused the mark. What will they face? Nothing but the full wrath of God, which shouldn’t be underestimated. The bible says…

They will experience seven bowls of God’s wrath, beginning with painful festering sores breaking out on people with the mark, so painful to cause them to gnaw their tongues, followed by all water on Earth turning to blood, followed by being scorched by the sun, followed by being plunged into darkness, followed by an earthquake that will destroy all cities on Earth, followed by 100lb hailstones falling from the sky.

Revelation 16

Then there’s this

Revelation 9:3-6

Being tortured by stinging things and longing for death but not being able to get it. Then after all that, they will die eternally.