Why we need to be in the Word

This illustration comes to mind. Imagine this:

A soldier is deployed to war and writes every day to his dear wife. He describes his experiences and love for his wife as some of the letters are stained with his tears. Upon arriving back from war, he affectionately greets his wife and asks if she received the love letters. The wife nonchalantly responds that she never read the letters but just put them aside with the junk mail. The soldier is heartbroken…

Friends, how can we say that we love God if we never take time to read His “love letter” to us, the Holy Bible? The Bible contains God’s heart and His view on sin and the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ.

We can’t separate God from His Holy Word, even if it contains hard truths that offend. If we do, we’re adhering to “another gospel” and serving “another jesus.” #RepentAndBelieve #JesusSaves🌎✝️