Hell Bill Weise “Why can’t God create another place besides Hell for sinful man?”

He did. It’s called Heaven. And He prepares a place for you there (John14:2). When He completed creation, He said, “It was very good.” At that point, Hell did not exist. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have said, everything was very good (other scholars have expressed this view mentioned in our book, “Hell”). He “prepared” hell shortly after creation, as 1 John 3:8 states that the devil sinneth from the beginning. The devil could have rebelled in a week, or month or so after creation, and that would still be considered the beginning. Hell was not prepared for man but for the devil and his angels (Matt. 25:41). The word “prepared,” according to Strong’s Concordance, means to make ready or secure. This is not the same as being created. God did all the creating He was going to do at creation. He was finished. (Gen.2:1). He will not violate His Word and make another place now. I know that the Bible says there will be a new heaven and a new earth, so if he will make them new, then why not make another place also for sinful man besides hell? First of all, He is not creating a new place. Heaven and the earth will be the same, but changed. It will be refurbished. Ps.78:69 states, “the earth which he hath established forever.” Ec.1:4 says, “but the earth abideth forever.” Ps.104:5 states, “Who laid the foundations of the earth, that it should not be removed forever.” So the Bible is clear that the earth will always remain. So has God contradicted Himself? No, of course not. The Bible says that the earth will be destroyed by fire (2Pet.3:10), but will be the same earth.

As for Heaven, the Bible doesn’t specifically say one way or the other. However, there is a clue in 2 Pet.3:12 it says, “the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved…” Two verses prior, vs.10, state that the earth will be burned with fire. In the same way, the verse seems to indicate that heaven also will be dissolved in the same manner, but will be the same Heaven. In addition, any place created that would be apart from God would be absent from all good, since all good comes from Him (Ps.33:5; Jam.1:17). You can’t have the “good” without God. Just as our body can not live in space or the ocean, but only on the surface, our soul can only exist in Heaven or hell. There is no other place for the soul to dwell. If we refuse the provision (Jesus) for our sins, we are rejecting the only way for our soul to be saved and enter Heaven. We send ourselves to hell. God gives us that choice. God is the one who carries out the actual sending to hell, but it is our own words that condemn us (Matt.12:37).

Why Eternal Hell?

Here’s a big argument that not many people may know or understand.

If a sinner is let into heaven, they will corrupt heaven with sin, essentially sending the entire creation into a hell like spiral.

Also, God can’t be around sin, so he would eternally be separated from his own creation.

So, God could annihilate, but it is against his nature, because he doesn’t revoke any of his gifts. He is a creator, not destroyer.

So, God’s only choice is to punish and quarantine evil and sin.

His punishment is just, because of the repercussions.

Now let’s say God let’s someone out of hell in 1,000 years, what would prevent them from being rebellious towards God again? If the consequence doesn’t last, what would stop them from sinning, if they knew they would keep getting out of jail by God?

Therefore, the punishment has to be eternal.

23 Minutes in Hell, book and youtube!


You still may wonder how a good and loving God could send someone to that horrific place called hell. To put it plainly, He doesn’t. It is your rejection of the provision (Jesus) for your sin that sends you there. We all have a free will, and we can choose not to repent. (Repent means “to turn or change.”) In Deuteronomy 30:19, God says, “I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life” (emphasis added). Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6). Will you believe Jesus? Or will you reject Him?

Wiese, Bill. 23 Minutes In Hell: One Man’s Story About What He Saw, Heard, and Felt in That Place of Torment (p. 78). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.

Hell is Eternal Punishment

Yes – Hell is eternal everlasting punishment – See Matthew 25:41,46

As for lake of fire… yes again, everlasting eternal – see Eccl 3:14 , Rev 20:10Rev 21:8Rev 14:10-11

The bible is clear, there is no annihilationism because none mentioned in these verses cannot be forever and ever suffering recompense if they cease to exist at any time – Isa 48:22 –

3-As for sticks being gathered to be burned are being gathered to the 2nd death which is defined as the lake of fire.

Because it’s in the bible…

[Matthew 25:41] [Matthew 25:46] [Ecclesiastes 3:14] [Revelation 20:10] [Revelation 21:8] [Revelation 14:10-11]

The bible is clear, there is no annihilation-ism because none mentioned in these verses cannot be forever and ever suffering recompense if they cease to exist at any time

[Isaiah 48:22]


What many folks do not understand is the nature of God’s wrath and his wrath mentioned as fire.

Nature of God’s wrath is defined in Romans 1:18,24 as God turning over people to the lust of their own hearts, impurity, dishonor. in other words, he gives them what they want. In the OT, he did so with Israel when they sinned. He did so – to wake them up to the need to repent and if they did not, then wham…it was bad news.

Fire of God’s wrath – Deut 32:22 For a fire is kindled in My anger, And shall burn to the lowest hell; It shall consume the earth with her increase, And set on fire the foundations of the mountains. NKJV

In Luke 16:19-31, Jesus describes the current hell as a place where suffers from their own torments (lust, impurities, dishonor, etc) with no repentance offered as it is in this mortal life. In this hell, as with the future lake of fire it is just recompense meted out. The current hell will be tossed into the lake of fire in the future. The nature of the current hell uncovers and reveals what a person is really like on the insides – their true sin nature, lust, pride, ect all brought forth.

How can I share this in a way that makes any sense without sounding callous?

We all lose unsaved loved ones to death and we think it cruel they should suffer so in hell. In God’s great justice he offers all, in this life, their chance. These folks reject that in exchange for denying God totally as evidence by how they abused, neglected, rejected, etc, and taken advantage God’s good Character and nature for their own gain in this life.

If allowed into heaven, in their unsaved state, their corrupted spirit man continues on – God does not take away life 2 Sam 14:14 – and with a full and complete intimate knowledge of God’s character traits and nature revealed to them after death, if allowed into heaven, they would turn heaven into a ruin, decay, hell. That God will not allow.

God’s character traits are found in the bible – he is a God of the living and not the dead, he reneges on no gifts, callings, promises, word he gives, he is merciful, just, righteous, Holy, etc and etc, judges with equity, etc and etc. People exploit these attributes today in this mortal life and will continue to so in their eternal unsaved state.

We think we really know someone beloved in our families but do we really know what they are like on the inside – their thoughts – their hidden actions? No, we do not. I have lost family members who were not saved and seemed decent enough but found out latter they were not that nice and decent or moral.

People in hell, know they deserve such a place and the more their real them is uncovered, you feel pity that they rejected all of God’s overtures to them in this mortal life, yet, I have no remorse for them. Why is that?

I experienced hell and the afterlife. It is only by God’s grace alone I was allowed to come back with a report on it’s nature their. I experienced it as an unsaved person does so I know first hand what it means and feels like to have your true nature, the real you, completely uncovered – for that – I have no sorrow or remorse for those in hell but rather have pity and remorse for those mortally living right now because out of God’s justice, God gives people a chance to avoid that place in many ways. He is so just that he gave free will to people, and the Lord fears no one he made with free will.

In this life people can hide their true selves in many different ways. In the afterlife- eternity seals the deal. What a born again person passes on, they do so as sanctified, redeemed, changed. They will have no tears, no sorrows, no sadness, no sin, no sickness, no pain and no thinking about those who did not make it because one comes into understanding of God who paid it all to save those lost and those that reject that – are no more in ones mind all because you have an understanding of who God really is and is like.

B.W. Melvin explains his book

Postby B. W. » Wed Nov 16, 2011 1:21 pm, Author of “A Land Unknown: Hell’s Dominion


Hi all, thank you for the review. I’ll try to answer some of your questions as best as I can. I have been on the road for the past 8 days on a ministry trip and radio interview at several Churches in South Dakota and returned late Monday night at home. Saw many come to know the Lord, amen.

In regards to the people I saw in the Pit receiving just recompense in fair degrees according to the principles found in the bible regarding reaping what one has sown, I tried to convey the truth about their eternal state. First, it is eternal and by this I mean the following…

God will not deny himself. He gave a gift from his own being to humanity, called life (Gen 2:7c). The gifts and callings of God are irrevocable (Romans 11:29c principle). The Lord placed eternity in our hearts Eccl 3:11 and Eccl 3:14 verifies. The wise woman spoke in 2 Sam 14:14c a central truth – though we die (our mortalness dies) God will not take away life; and yes, God through Christ Jesus makes the only way that a banished one can return back to God, thru the grace of the cross. There is no other way.

So, we do continue on after we die, not in soul sleep, or rest, but as the Hebrew words in the OT imply as shades – our spiritual essence of who we are continues. Though God can certainly annihilate life into non-existence as Job 34:14, 15c states but as 2 Sam 14:14 states, God will not take away life he gave. Fore, if he did so, he would in essence deny himself and prove himself a lair and not really God almighty. He would be forced to go against his own life giving character/nature – hence deny himself.

God did not annihilate the devil for his rebellion, did he? Why? God will not take away life. The devil knowing this rebelled and tempts God to unjustly destroy in order to be able to exalt his own throne above God’s. Sin entered the universe in a limited degree through the Devil and his minions and God designed the current pit of hell for them as Matt 25:41 states. God does not take away life – his gifts and callings are irrevocable. God keeps and performs his word.


This brings us to the reason why fallen human beings will suffer just recompense in Hell. We were designed as eternal moral beings. Fallen humanity lost the eternal life with God and face eternal condemnation banished forever away from the eternal life of God. What God does is forever.

People complain that everlasting punishment for finite sins is unjust. However, such fail to realize that since human beings share a gift of life breathed into us by God who placed eternity in our hearts, a fallen human being’s sin is NOT FINITE it is eternal (Job 34:11, 12c) because they were fashioned by God to be eternal. For God to annihilate into non-being would in essence be unjust for HIM to do as it goes against his own character and nature (Job 34:10c).

Billy Grahams’ daughter, Anne Graham-Lotz mentioned in the History Channel TV show, Hell the Devils Domain, that in hell are just levels of recompense. Jesus stated this concept as well in Luke 10:13, 14, 15, 16c. Theologians mention this as well – just degrees of recompense. This is precisely what I saw, and what people do not understand regarding this instead dare/demand God to act contrary to who He is (Deut 32:4, Psalms 97:2). Thus, they unknowingly fall right into the devil’s ploy to demand God to act contrary to the foundations of God’s throne (note Psalms 97:2c again) and thus overturn God’s rule (Isaiah 14:13, 14, 15c). So reader, which side are you on?

There is no such thing as Finite Sins due to our spiritual nature fashioned to live eternally. Therefore. The principle of what one sows they reap mentioned throughout the bible is true. That is what I saw happening in hell to the people there: their personal sin nature was slowly being uncovered much like how you peal layers off an onion, until the real spiteful being is revealed totally committed to sin and rebellion. The slow pealing of an onion takes time and thus helps understand why there are just degrees of recompense.

People also say God is a torturer, yet, the bible clearly states God is not the one who tortures. Do you see God in the account of Richman and Lazarus in Luke 16:20-31c? Also Rev 14:11 states its one’s own torment that torments. Now note the principle found in Psalms 9:16. God’s wrath is poured out and whatever God does (regarding context of justice/life/judgment/promises/gifts) endures forever.

His wrath uncovers the real person who and what they really are, beings who after entering the eternal gain understanding of what this means, would always seek to abuse and manipulate/pit God’s own Goodness against itself so they remain in sin. That is what I saw and tried to convey in my book. Those in hell would make the only perfect upright land, Heaven, into a corrupt place, like it is on earth now just as Isaiah 26:10. So, the current hell was designed as a temporary holding center as Isaiah 24:21, 22 helps to reveal and Jesus mentions in Matt 25:41c: For the Love of God will banish those that reject him, justly and fairly, with no violation of trust, gifts, etc, to them or to God’s own nature/character.

Parts of Hell are described as a bottomless pit (Rev 20:3 KJV) or as a pit. Other parts of the current hell are also described as to be avoided at all cost (Deut 32:22. Nahum 1:2, 3, 6c, of fire and darkness and place of no rest Isaiah 48:22c).

However the current Pit of Hell is described in Ezekiel 26:20, Ezekiel 31:16, 17, 18 and Ezekiel 32:21,23, 24, 25-31 NKJV. As being round, with Hebrew word – qeber – imbedded in the pits’ walls and the Hebrew word qeber means a grave, tomb, a sepulcher, chamber, or small cell of living cognizant grief, sorrow, travail. Proverbs 7:27 speaks of chambers, rooms, enclosures in the current Hell as well to be avoided at all cost.

What is going on inside these cells/graves, tombs, chambers, is what Job 26:5-6 is conveying, “The departed spirits tremble under the waters and their inhabitants. 6 “Naked is Sheol before Him, And Abaddon has no covering” NASB

The Hebrew word tremble describes living cognizance of trembling whirling, shaking, fearing, to writhe, to grieving etc… The idea of water is the great pressure one feels when underground. For those who have toured the Hoover D-m understand the pressure one feels at the bottom and those who scuba dive understand what pressure is felt in 45 to 100 feet of water. This is being describe in the text – great pressure that is doing something.

This something is mentioned in verse 6 as being naked before God in the current Hell (sheol) because the ruin there uncovers a person’s real them. Much like pealing the union I spoke of earlier. This is done because God’s Love leaves no stone unturned in meting out the reason for banishment away from the presence of God to a person. They are made aware of their damage done in mortal life will not be tolerated in Heaven. God is not mocked.

What one sows, they reap. There is not one perfect good person on this planet. All have sinned and abandoned God’s Loving ways and tempt God, and manipulate, and try God’s goodness and love as evidenced by how we live our mortal lives. Only in this mortal life, now, we can return to God’s Love and goodness and learn how not to abuse it for our own gain. God demonstrates his goodness, love, by calling out to a fallen world in order to allow morally reasoning beings to morally reason themselves in all impartial fairness to decide to return to God who loves so much that He sent Jesus Christ to bear our sins upon the cross and expose our sins in us so we can return to a greater paradise God had planned before the foundation of the world.

God’s love let us beat and whip him, to mock him, put him on trial, spit upon him, plot against him, and crucify him. What do we do to goodness on earth? How have we in various symbolic ways beat and whip others, to mock people, put God or others on trial, spit upon, plot against, crucify in our hearts? Jesus did say, you done these to the least of these my brethren, you done so to me.

For that, Reader, you think for a moment you can waltz into heaven because God Loves without accepting His grace and changed by his great love? That is why there is a hell – it separates the wheat from the tares. From those that tear each other apart, manipulate God’s goodness, grace, and love for their own gainful entertainment, from those justly and fairly reconciled thru Christ Jesus’ work on the cross/resurrection. God will not allow sin to run amuck in heaven without end, he will contain it justly and fairly. So, reader where do you stand – wheat or as a tare?

If you wish to be restored, forgiven for how you treated God’s gift of life and grace – demonstrated by how you really are in the treatment of others. How you robbed, slain, brought ruin to the hearts of others. How such self justifying attitudes steal from your life – then you need to realize that the Lord loved you so much to offer to you an offer, an exchange. This old life of ruin for His life of reconciliation, peace, love, joy, endurance, new moxie of real eternal life from God – his Spirit blown inside you – a new birth!

Jesus said you must become born again by His Spirit to enter into heaven. If you are being honest with yourself, now, you know, you do not deserve heaven for you own life testifies against you in your treatment of love and goodness for own self gain in this life. Whom have you mentally crucified, put on trial, mocked, spat upon?

God does not desire that to continue in heaven. He desires you to be saved – reconciled willingly through your choice not his force as He is that Just. If that is you, Reader, all I can do is to get you started on your way by praying a simple heartfelt prayer and from it, you add to it. Then I pray that the Lord will lead you to a good bible based group near you and constantly renewed in your spirit – new life. So please begin by praying:

God, dear Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, have mercy upon me a sinner, forgive, make me Born again by your Holy Spirit. Place me into the Father’s kingdom, Place me into your care, place me in empowerment to Love by your Holy Spirit! Hold me now, forgive me…

…my ugly ways I have inside…and outside…I have done…

…have mercy upon me a sinner…I have acted…

…lead me a guide me forever toward you, never let me go…

…If I stray, give me a good swift kick to return me to your way… Amen…