Dream on 10/27/18

This seemed to be another end of the world type of dream, and the times seemed a bit dark. In the dream I saw the Earth filled with giant clouds of volcanic ash coming in which ever direction people tried to go. I tried to read something to figure out the year but I couldn’t. My wife in the future (Dani) said to me that it happens when I am middle aged (45-65 yo) (End of the world and Christs return, or maybe nuclear annihilation in ww3, or yellowstone volcano eruption).

It started out by what felt like myself in darkness after in a dream where my parents were acting bad. Then I felt like something hooked me up to an IV in my left shoulder and thigh and asking if it was uncomfortable for me or not. Then God started talking to me, and I began to answer back. He gave me the chapter “Judges-Mudges” 19 (or 16, more likely 19) I think, maybe the rhyme was so I would remember it. Then I felt like I saw some end times visions of the future, with volcanic ash filling the sky from every direction while driving on the highway. Then I felt like I was in my house talking to my future wife, and I tried to get her to tell me the year, and she said it would happen when I was middle aged, and that I would receive a degree from Harvard. I also remember people trying to break into the house to attack my wife for racial reasons, and God and I would scare them away.

Dream on 10/12/18

I had a weird end-times dream last night. There was a weird siren and the military had people gather together into different groups. The people in my group started preaching the gospel to each other until they realized they were all Christians, I think Destin might have been among the crowd. Then I watched the sky as the heaven’s began to pass away. It looked like there were some sort of violence in the heavens with different colors such as red and it felt like it was a curtain crumbling around us, then the sky was dark. It was absolutely dark. Then I felt like an “alien” invasion began with these creatures invading the earth. Then the dream ended.

At the end of the dream I wondered how Earth could still exist with the heaven’s passed away.

Unrepentance Can Lead You To Hell!

8/12/18 – 100% from God after I asked him to confirm 2028 and asked him something else? Maybe how to get into the Kingdom?

In my dream, I was placed in a hell like scenario. Then I said, “I repent! I repent!” and when I said this I would slowly rise to what I thought was heaven. Then I got to a strange place (neither heaven nor hell). It felt like an underground place on the Earth that was about to collapse and cause everyone to die. Dani wanted to leave me to become a preacher of her own, saying the church is not preaching the right thing for the end times? Dani wanted to be alone because she felt the church was not preaching the right message for the end times. She had judgement and un-forgiveness in her heart. I also saw Ant V, telling him we need to repent daily to make the Kingdom! I also almost followed a bad crowd. that was going to sell drugs, and almost went into a women’s swimming pool? Then, something happened and everyone died, and God showed me 2 numbers painted on wood (which I thought were 43 and 21).

and I feel like the whole scenario started over, and I saw Kelsie, and she asked, “Are we here forever?” As if we were doomed to repeat the same scenario over and over again in an almost purgatorial like state.

Then I woke up in pain from cramping in my right leg upper calf.

I feel like God is asking me to tell Dani, Kesley, Ant V, and me to repent! was confirming the importance of repentance to make the Kingdom! I believe God wanted me to share this message with Dani, Kelsey, Ant V., and Me.

I feel like God wants us to make repentance a daily or even continuous activity!

Numbers 43 and Numbers 21 (Numbers 36 ?) shown at the end? My age will be 43 in 2028 and 21 is 7 years before 2028., and scientists are saying there might be an asteroid hit in 2028-9ish. 2024-2025 – Begin worldwide persecution of Christians and Rise of the AC?

Luke 13:3