Family coming to Christ?

On my dream on 11/25/18, I dreamed that at first my brother was ignoring me again. However, this time it was because he had a brain injury from a biking accident at 5mph in the city. This made him super reliant on God and I saw that he was organizing scriptures like Dani, and when I asked him what version he read he was unsure. When I asked him what brought him to God he didn’t want to tell me.

A few days earlier I had a dream that my parents came to Christ, at an age or time I didn’t suspect it.

Dream on 10/20/18

In my dream I was targeted for removal from my job at work, the reason was because I stepped on the wrong toes with some woman and they targeted me by leaving a cookie out somewhere and seeing if I would eat it, and since I ate it they decided to remove me?

However, in the dream, I trusted in God, and it felt like God gave me freedom, even though I had some uncertainty. Then I felt like I was on a train somewhere.

Not sure if this was a pizza dream or prophetic.