Isaiah 24 Sermon Notes

God will judge the world.

Near death experiences

Amazon river rises and falls 15 ft every 2 hours.

Walk there was ok. Walk back was filled with water.

Taking multiple trips to get people back. Each trip getting more and more deadly.

It was an agonizing 20 minutes.

There was a 16 year old girl who couldn’t make it, she was left w/ 1 rock to stand on. After someone saved her, they thought “What if she didn’t have that 1 rock to stand on?”

Only 1 rock is found to stand on for salvation, that rock is Jesus Christ.

Our hope, security, and salvation are based on nothing else but Jesus.

God’s judgement is cataclysmic!

Isaiah Chapter 24-27

Chapter 13 – Babylon Judgement

Chapter 14 – Assyrian Judgement

Chapter 16 – Damascus

Chapter 18 – Tyre is laid waste

Each world power is judged!

Chapter 24 – God will judge the world!

Isaiah 24-27 – His apocalypse

Words of warning for earth! Final judgement!

We must listen to the severity of what he is saying. He will empty the Earth!

Isiah 24:1 – God will destroy creation!

We can have hope and joy! God has love and compassion!

We deserve his wrath! We have broken his laws!

His judgement is real!

The tide of his judgement will rise again!

When it comes, people will look to a rock to stand on.

Some will stand on the world and fall.

God’s judgement empties the proud of hope

We try to say we don’t deserve it

God will make Earth desolate!

Human pride/self sufficiency will be wiped away first!

What is God judging?

  • Human Pride
  • Human Power (Economic and Military)

Defile/dishonor the honored of the Earth! The wasted city is broken down!


Do not trust in yourself, trust in the Lord!

The mythology of human pride. The pride will be brought low.

Work, sports, family, technology, physical health. We all look for strength in the wrong places! We need to find it in God!

God’s judgement undermines worldly security. The Earth staggers like a drunk.

Nations of the Earth are gathered together.
What are YOU standing on? Your own self-sufficiency? Or the Lord?

It will not be long before God’s judgement will leave us nowhere to turn but Jesus. To remove all false hope in jobs, health, money, etc.

We don’t need to wait till the final day until we realize everything except God will fail us.

Isaiah – Even as judgement is happening, there is praise of song towards God!

With the severity of judgement, there is hope! Hope is on the way!

Will make all things new! Joyful praise!

Isaiah 24:23 – Mt Zion – Cling to this rock!

The sun and the moon will be ashamed!



4/29/18 – Isaiah 19 – Sermon Notes

Mission of the church is to rescue people form drug addiction, poverty, and spread Jesus (“The Great Commission”)

Citizen Kane is the #1 movie with a twist. Open scene he has the dying words “rosebud”. His great life and tragic marriage then sad death. Final scene reveals what rosebud means.

God is the only place of real confidence.

Only when we trust God we find security and peace.

The world in dismay before the Lord.

Isaiah 19 – Egypt

The Lord has power over all creation to shake confidence of Israel in trusting Egypt instead of the Lord.

Egypt represents strength of the world and bondage and oppression in the OT.

Israel puts hope in Egypt instead of God to deliver them from the Assyrians.

Failure of false Gods – Idols are worthless and powerless. Sorcerers and mediums cannot save Egypt, they are dumb!

Yahweh is supreme over the universe. The foolish trust in Egypt. We should look to God alone, no other religion. People think all religions are the same, but the bible is clear all religions do not believe in the same God. False God’s will fail.

Failure in Economic Security

Nile is prosperous in Fish, Plants, and producing Textiles. Verse 6 and 7 rot. Verse 8 fishing industry dies. Egyptians place hope in Nile instead of the Niles creator.

Every election

  • Politicians assure good economy
  • Every economic system in the world is vulnerable
  • We have peace of mind if we have money
  • We should have peace in God, not in money / financial stability
  • We should trust God for provision, security, and protection
  • Not cutting corners
  • Crying out to God
  • Not spend more than we make
  • The Lord never fails
  • The Wisdom of man fails

Verse 12 – Egyptians wise men give Stupid counsel

They think they know better than God, like drunks slipping around in their own vomit.

We turn to our own wisdom

Overwhelmed by trials in life, sometimes life has many trials.

  • We try to solve problems our own way
  • We turn to the world instead of god 🙁
  • God has all wisdom and understanding
  • God is good and does good
  • Don’t let fear or pain drive us away from God
  • One day God will wipe away every tear
  • Egypt will be judged… God reveals that the Lord is the healer of the world

verse 16-24 — 5 ways Gods judgement of Egypt will heal Egypt

  • In that day they will Fear the Lord, which leads to life
  • In that day, there will be allegiance to the Lord
    • 5 cities
    • City of destruction
  • The cities opposed to God speak the language of God’s people in the future
    • No one is beyond God’s reach
  • If en-slavers of God’s people can become God’s people.. anyone can.
  • God redeems Egypt
  • When Israel was enslaved, their cry reached to God

Verse 20 – Now Egypt is crying out

  • Fear of the Lord
  • Crys out to the Lord
  • I will send them a squier
  • they will know and worship me
  • God is making a statement about his own salvation
  • The Lord strikes out against Egypt, they cry out, he sends them a savior Christ the Lord!
  • Jesus makes a way for all people to be saved
  • We are grafted in (“the gentiles”)

Egypt will worship God

  • Grace goes through like a sword and comes out like a song
  • Unity of the people
  • God has created one new man instead of two in Jesus Christ
  • Not forced unity… enemies were united together in worship

Verse 24-25 – In that day, the whole Earth will be blessed by the Lord

Genesis 12:3 – In you all nations will be blessed

No people can not be rescued by God

Come in and worship him together

Come into the blessing of the Lord

Blessing comes through faith in the Living God

Israel my people

The Lord is the healer and redeemer of the world!!!

We are either pushing people towards death (reject Christ) or life (accept Christ).


Explore Notes Week #3

Cessationist means they think the gifts have ended. The issue with cessationism is that the argument for it is weak: Basically that since the NT ended so did the gifts. Most people are “open but Cautious” meaning they believe in the gifts, but are cautious when approaching the subject.

Continuationists means we believe the gifts continue. Tongues are specific spirit led praise to God.

We should seek the gifts. The gifts are good, we need them to function as a body of Christ. No amount of gifting has value if you don’t have love. Desire earnestly gifts, they are good, but don’t focus on them.

Holy Spirit: Walking w/ the spirit – We are called to look to live in obedience to God.

Prayer: Calling upon the Holy Spirit.

The Fall Of Bablylon

Isaiah 13:1-13

God’s plan for the world throughout all of history is the destruction of the united world system known in the bible as Babylon. God will punish the world for its evil.

The world can seem attractive with it’s sinful pleasures and pursuits of power. The world is not from the Father but of the world. The world will be judged. Whoever does the will of the Father will live forever.

Isaiah 13-14: Words of judgement against Babylon, who has become a major military and political power.

What does Babylon have to do with the world today? It’s more relevant than just a historic nation. It started with the Tower of Babel.

  • symbol of attractive earthly pleasures
  • foolish dependence on man
  • In sin, idolatry, in opposition to God
  • Babylon represents Human Glory
  • Worldly arrogance that defies God
  • Idolatrous adoration of pleasure and possessions
  • Picture of the modern world apart from God
  • We are surrounded by Babylon
  • sinful luxury and self sufficiency

Isaiah 13-14: God wants you to know the world system that goes against God fallen world promises pleasure and prosperity.

God will judge Babylon in the future. Enemies of God will be judged. Lord of : Hosts is summoning an army for the Day of the Lord. DAY OF THE LORD = IS NEAR TERROR.

Once mighty Babylon was fallen ruins untouched by years until archaeology came along. Babylon’s destruction means God will keep his Word.

Greed, nationalities, pride, nations that want to make a name for themselves are under God’s judgement.

Judgement: Gods supremacy is at war with our claim to supremacy.

We are born enemies of God.

How can we escape judgement of Babylon and join the people Zion?

The proud will be humbled, the arrogant sinners will tremble before the Lord of Glory. The shameless will be full of shame. The popular will be irrelevant. We are all sinners and must be punished!

Our only hope is to be clothed in the Righteousness of Jesus Christ!

Isaiah 14:1 – The Lord will have compassion!

There is a compassion that runs deeper than our shame. The people of God will reign with Christ. The people of God who are lowly and oppressed will one day be exalted, will share in the rule of Christ.

Stop running after Babylon.

When the Lord gives resat from pain and  turmoil… the Lord has promised he will give you rest and peace we are currently missing. We will celebrate the victory of God!

Death mocks our claim to be God!

End of Babylon! Worldliness and pride!

Babylon will fall.

People of God rejoice when all oppressors and evil doers receive the judgement of God!

We will not grieve for the lost on the day of judgement. We will sing praises to the Lord!

Revelation 18+19 describe the fall of Babylon, rejoicing in its fall. Zion will be our eternal refuse.