Self deliverance is possible


After we learned how to do deliverance on each other, God had us do it on ourselves. It helps to know the exact name of the demon you are casting out, but it isn’t necessary. Sometimes it’s a guessing game, and you can guess based on past experience, what type of demon is in you. So far in my experience, they tend to come out of a persons mouth, we’d just say something (with faith) like, “I repent of X”, or “X, I cast you out in Jesus name!” Usually I can go with a pretty long list of names in my head and some of them will be hits and some misses, I guess it’s the shotgun approach. The first time I did it on myself I went through a long list of demon powers, and I remember vomiting out a spirit of anti Christ I had from an atheist stage in my life. More recently I had to cough of a spirit of X (not naming it) which was taking residence in my brain and after that I had a bad head ache for a while. These things can only take up residence in you and stay there if they have legal ground, but if they don’t have legal ground they can be cast out, although they’d rather just hide in you and go undetected after they have lost legal ground. These things (spirits of the air, demons, evil spirits) can also alter a humans behavior, their goal is to drag humanity into so much sin that they cannot be cast out, or they remain hidden and cause the person to misbehave at strategic points of a persons life, and they try to make it look like they are just part of that persons ‘personality’. Also, if you sincerely repent these things lose legal ground.

Something that almost tripped me up was thinking I was doing it under my own power, when it was really Jesus who cast them out, it’s a mental trap. Even though it requires your own faith, you cannot cast these things out by your own power, you have to be clear that it is Jesus casting out the things.

When they are cast out, sometimes they make a weird noise, like a scream, a mans voice, or some other demonic vocalization.

Just want you to know that self deliverance is possible! 🙂 The easiest way is to talk to the evil spirit within a person saying, X, I cast you out in the name of Jesus! Look into Derek Prince or Win Worely on how to cast out evil spirits.

How to perform a deliverance


In the bible, all Jesus Christ had to do was say a command, and the demons would leave a person. What does this mean? This mean that a deliverance is only possible with Jesus Christs help. Just a reminder, performing a deliverance on an unsaved person can have potentially hazardous effects on that person, unless they become Christian directly afterwards. Based on this verse: Matthew 12:43-45

Now with that out of the way, performing a deliverance is a rather simple procedure. First, you might want to ask them what type of problems they are having. Example, if they struggle with pornography then they might have a spirit of lust. If they struggle with anxiety, spirit of anxiety, etc. Asking them what problems they are helping will help the deliverance along. After that, you might want to have a prayer you say to start out the deliverance, here is mine, it’s called freedom.

We would like to remind [name] that God is in control of this. Lord Jesus, we ask you to prevent any transference of spirits from everyone here and [name]. Lord Jesus, we ask you to loose a legion of your warrior angels, deliverance angels, and ministering spirits to fight battles in the heavenlies for the [name] and minister to them and us during this deliverance, and to give us any insights into issues [name] might be having. Lord Jesus, please anoint [name] with the fire of the Holy Ghost. We now seal this prayer with the blood of Jesus Christ and remind [name] that God has good towards you and your life.

You might want to ask for angels to be released to help you, or the enemy to be bound, in Jesus Name.

After this starter prayer, you can say things like,

  • Spirit of X, leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (targetting)
  • Any wicked evil spirit under the sound of my voice, leave in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (catch-all)

And in general, you will want to pray for anything you feel the holy spirit is telling you about the person.

Note: Don’t send them to the pit, it may not be their time for judgement