Message #13 – The Days are Coming

Messages From the Lord

Behold, the days are coming of great wrath and fury towards the inhabitants of the Earth.
My sheep shine like the sun, but the goats are in darkness.
Prepare a way! Prepare the way of the LORD!
For the hour is coming, darkness and gloom.
The hour is near and at hand.
Did not the people before the flood seek their life when disaster came upon them? Did I not give them 120 years of peace?
So it is in this time, for as the days of Noah, so is the coming of the Son of man.
They don’t value their life until it’s taken from them, until it’s too late.
Times of peace reveals men’s hearts, and disaster shows them my truth, that they are but men.
They seek to hide deep council from me. They turn to their own ways.
Who is like the LORD? And who can accuse him of wrongdoing?
As the days of Noah, same with my coming.
The wisdom of men is foolish, for they perish for lack of knowledge.

The things that aught not to be done, are done. For man says, who set a ruler and judge over me? Who can hide my iniquity? It is only I who cover sin, who cloth the naked and the shamed. I will repay, says the LORD. It will be done, I will judge the Earth and her inhabitants justly. Peace and prosperity come form me! declares the LORD. I can give it, and take it away, for I am sovereign.

The end of all things is at hand, Son, and who can stop it? Its momentum is like a train on the track.

Message #12

Messages From the Lord

Thus says the LORD, God of Israel.

I have kept a faithful remnant for myself at this time, Declares the LORD.

Those who are not spoiled by the world, who set themselves apart for me. I have called them, and they are mine.

Though things may look bleak, the world will not prevail over them. They will shine like the sun and testify of the things to come. Who will hear?

Many servants are now awaiting my command. When I say move, they move. When I say stop, they stop. This will cause the evil one immense problems, and he will seek to terminate them.

Yet can my servants ever really die? Servants of the Most High?

My seal is upon this. Triumph, trial, and judgement.

Message #9

Messages From the Lord

Why have my children departed from me, to seek worldly things? Don’t they know only I satisfy? Why are they entrapped in mindless entertainment, junk food of the soul, when only my word nourishes? Why do they satisfy themselves with lusts and impurities? When I will refine them like gold? Behold, the ways of men are not wise. Who builds a house, for another to dwell in? Who lays bricks, for another to take? Are they not mine? Therefore I will bring tragedy upon them, that they may seek me, and diligently. What’s worth more than their soul, and to who are they selling it?

Buy from me gold refined by trial, seek and know me, for I AM the LORD.

Message #8

Messages From the Lord

I am the LORD of Glory, you shall see glorious things come to pass. The end of death, disease, pain, and suffering, and I am just getting started!

Why did man fall, why did he disobey?

What makes a man obey? declares the LORD.

Is it not ultimate, sacrificial love, and a reversal of fortunes?

Earth is a fire-walk, and heaven a cake walk. You will have eternity to do whatever you desire. I desire for you life, and to the full. We will explore creation together, forever. Then you will truly know how much I love you.

Your Father

Message #7

Messages From the Lord

See how the morning dawns, the trees glisten, the dew forms. See the beauty of my creation. The heavens are my clockwork, and my creation is in full display. Does not a building  have a builder? Is not a towering skyscraper made by mere mortal man? What more then, can I DO! declares the LORD. Wondrous things that defy imagination! Routed lightnings, snow, beast and creeping thing. Are not ALL THINGS in my hand?

Who is man, that he accuses and challenges me? Who is like God?

For as each snowflake is unique, declares the LORD, so is every aspect of my creation!

Why does man chase gold, cars, and money, when they are merely created things. Why not chase me, who can bring into existence ex-nihilo?

Because I have confounded them, declares the LORD. Their sin brings on foolishness and madness. If only they would seek the creator instead of the created! See, how utterly destitute they are. How foolish.

The LORD, creator of heaven and earth, is in control of all things, yes all. From the course of the sun to the rising and falling of the moon. From the seas, to the wind and the waves. From dreams, to interpretations. From the largest galaxy, to the smallest molecule. The sky proclaims the glory of the LORD, and the heavens his handiwork.

Message #4

Messages From the Lord

O, the peoples perish for lack of knowledge and wisdom! Put on the armor of God, that it be well with you! Fine gold and diamonds all around you, yet they seek for rusted cauldrons of no worth. What shall be done, then? Is the LORD not mocked? Shall his indignation not burn? They have cast away my bonds for iron shackles that do not relent. They have forsaken life and chosen death. They do not know of my ways, O inhabitants of the Earth. Shall I crush them to powder? Declares the LORD. Shall I not be indignant with them, and rain down eternal fire from heaven on the whole Earth, in judgement? Am I left any choice, for I have been mocked and treated scornfully, a byword and a curse among the peoples. What shall I do? Declares the LORD.

Therefore I have set in my purposes to bring the entire Earth into judgement, and I will not start again.

I will have my people, and for them I shall be their God. As for the rest, judgement and doom.