Message #13 – The Days are Coming

Messages From the Lord

Behold, the days are coming of great wrath and fury towards the inhabitants of the Earth.
My sheep shine like the sun, but the goats are in darkness.
Prepare a way! Prepare the way of the LORD!
For the hour is coming, darkness and gloom.
The hour is near and at hand.
Did not the people before the flood seek their life when disaster came upon them? Did I not give them 120 years of peace?
So it is in this time, for as the days of Noah, so is the coming of the Son of man.
They don’t value their life until it’s taken from them, until it’s too late.
Times of peace reveals men’s hearts, and disaster shows them my truth, that they are but men.
They seek to hide deep council from me. They turn to their own ways.
Who is like the LORD? And who can accuse him of wrongdoing?
As the days of Noah, same with my coming.
The wisdom of men is foolish, for they perish for lack of knowledge.

The things that aught not to be done, are done. For man says, who set a ruler and judge over me? Who can hide my iniquity? It is only I who cover sin, who cloth the naked and the shamed. I will repay, says the LORD. It will be done, I will judge the Earth and her inhabitants justly. Peace and prosperity come form me! declares the LORD. I can give it, and take it away, for I am sovereign.

The end of all things is at hand, Son, and who can stop it? Its momentum is like a train on the track.