Message #3

Messages From the Lord

Thus speaks the LORD God of Israel,

Behold, my Son. A time is coming soon of weeping and lamentation for your whole nation, who has forsaken my ways. Behold, children will mourn, and their parents, for lack of food and clothing. The world will watch as America descends into darkness. Yet, I will provide light to my followers, and food, and clothing. People who know me by name, my followers, will persevere. Behold, a mighty hand guides your every step. Then people shall know and fear my name, that I am the LORD.

Hear, O men. See, O peoples. The time for tribulation has come. Be shocked and desolate. Nation rise against nation, foe against foe. Where is the LORD? They will ask. Have they not searched for me, to seek me in times of peace?

Behold, I will hide my face from them, and they shall not see. I will proclaim the way of salvation to them, and they will not hear.

Be shocked, be desolate. See, my prophet has gone out before me. It will come to pass, for I AM the LORD.

Speak, Son. Speak.

The words you hear are true. Nation against nation, foe against foe. Weep and howl, O Rich, for the miseries that are coming upon you. Your moth eaten garments and rusted gold will testify against you.

You hoard treasure, and for what purpose? To satisfy your soul? Indeed, only I can do that! Lust is never satisfied with her wealth, and having is not as important as having me.

Behold, times are short. You will succeed, be encouraged my Son. I have foreseen it, for I AM the LORD.

Treasures await you in my kingdom. Fine gems, true gold, but most important, me. I will await for you, for you are my Son. I will move mountains for you, see, I have done it. Glory awaits.

Your Father