Message #4

Messages From the Lord

O, the peoples perish for lack of knowledge and wisdom! Put on the armor of God, that it be well with you! Fine gold and diamonds all around you, yet they seek for rusted cauldrons of no worth. What shall be done, then? Is the LORD not mocked? Shall his indignation not burn? They have cast away my bonds for iron shackles that do not relent. They have forsaken life and chosen death. They do not know of my ways, O inhabitants of the Earth. Shall I crush them to powder? Declares the LORD. Shall I not be indignant with them, and rain down eternal fire from heaven on the whole Earth, in judgement? Am I left any choice, for I have been mocked and treated scornfully, a byword and a curse among the peoples. What shall I do? Declares the LORD.

Therefore I have set in my purposes to bring the entire Earth into judgement, and I will not start again.

I will have my people, and for them I shall be their God. As for the rest, judgement and doom.