Message #7

Messages From the Lord

See how the morning dawns, the trees glisten, the dew forms. See the beauty of my creation. The heavens are my clockwork, and my creation is in full display. Does not a building  have a builder? Is not a towering skyscraper made by mere mortal man? What more then, can I DO! declares the LORD. Wondrous things that defy imagination! Routed lightnings, snow, beast and creeping thing. Are not ALL THINGS in my hand?

Who is man, that he accuses and challenges me? Who is like God?

For as each snowflake is unique, declares the LORD, so is every aspect of my creation!

Why does man chase gold, cars, and money, when they are merely created things. Why not chase me, who can bring into existence ex-nihilo?

Because I have confounded them, declares the LORD. Their sin brings on foolishness and madness. If only they would seek the creator instead of the created! See, how utterly destitute they are. How foolish.

The LORD, creator of heaven and earth, is in control of all things, yes all. From the course of the sun to the rising and falling of the moon. From the seas, to the wind and the waves. From dreams, to interpretations. From the largest galaxy, to the smallest molecule. The sky proclaims the glory of the LORD, and the heavens his handiwork.