Triumph, trial, and judgement

Prophetic Poetry

The time is coming when all will see the glory of the Lord.

The power of his people put to death by the sword.

The earth reels and rocks, the heavens shake. Of whom, little one, will be made great?

Give up your lusts, impurities too. Heaven and Earth, awaits for you.

The time is coming, when all men should see, the glory of, the heavenly.

Trial of the whole Earth comes, and indeed, has already begun.

Who will plant my seed, or who will water it?

Who will not lead my sheep astray?

Of whom do I have Eternal Covenant, to guard them by night, and by day,

Glory by Glory, the hour has come.

On heaven and Earth, my will be done.

Who should watch, or who should see?

The glory of, the heavenly.

Trial comes first, judgement next.

Who will stand out, and pass the test?

Oh wait on me people, and you shall see,
The triumph of the heavenly!